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2017 Festival Images\Dwelling_YuanGoangming_March25_thumb.jpg
Axes of Dwelling: the Video Art of Yuan Guangming
Sat, Mar 25 9:15 PM (90 min)

Yuan Goangming is one of Taiwan's pioneering video artists. Working in single-channel video and installation art, Yuan infuses the most domestic of spaces with the uncanny.

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2017 Festival Images\CommodityCity_FIC5_March23_thumb.jpg
Commodity City
 (11 min)
Commodity City is an observational documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: the Yiwu Markets in China. The film explores moments of tension between commerce and individuality, between the goods for sale and the humans who sell them.
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Sun, Mar 26 2:15 PM (103 min)

Furusato reveals the unusual relationship between a landscape and its inhabitants.

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2017 Festival Images\MeinHutong_FIC9_March25_thumb.jpg
Mein Hutong
 (11 min)
The Hutongs in Beijing contain a special atmosphere for me. As an overseas Chinese who has never lived in China, I nevertheless found a way to identify with these places. After the experience of wandering around them as a foreigner, I imagine some myths coming alive in the Hutongs. Even though buildings and artifacts disappear in the face of modernity, myths remain and preserve our collective memory.
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Page of Madness
Wed, Mar 22 9:30 PM (60 min)

Page of Madness is one of the greatest avant-garde films in history. It was directed by Kinugasa Teinosuke in 1926, and lost for nearly half-a-century. The story, by Nobel laureate Kawabata Yasunari, centers on a janitor at the insane asylum that holds his wife. Renowned Japanese benshi Kataoka Ichiro will narrate the film and Detroit area trio Little Bang Theory (Frank Pahl, Terri Sarris, and Doug Shimmin), will perform an original score written by Frank Pahl on toy and hand-made instruments.

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2017 Festival Images\TheRiver_FIC3_March22_thumb.jpg
The River
 (13 min)

The River is an experimental short documenting the repetitively traumatic nature of pregnancy. Director Ya-Ting Hsu & Geoffrey Hughes explores childbirth and the physical and emotional toll that childbirth took on her personally.

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2017 Festival Images\SouthStone_VideoBureau_March25_thumb.jpg
Video Bureau: Selections From an Archive in China
Sat, Mar 25 2:45 PM (88 min)

Video Bureau is an artist-run not for profit space, focusing on archiving video art. It was started by Fang Lu, Chen Tong, and Zhu Jia. It started in March 2012 in Beijing and Guangzhou (inside the Borges-Institute). The work of Video Bureau is primarily focused on archiving video artworks and related material including writings, images, proposals, and installation plans, in order to build a comprehensive database for researchers, writers, students, artists, and collectors. Curator Ellen Zweig selected works for this program as a representative sample of the performative and documentary directions in Chinese video art.

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