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2017 Festival Images\Boomerang_FIC11_March25_thumb.jpg
Boomerang (The Absynth Quintet)
 (6 min)
The workings of nature and the universe are mystically and whimsically illustrated in this fast paced, gorgeously hand drawn film. Inspired by a song called Boomerang (by the Absynth Quintet), the animator has created a moving interpretation of the lyrics, tempo and instrumentation.
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Celia Johnson (Winterpills)
 (3 min)

Public domain and original imagery combine in this lush music video, bursting with an abundance of exotic plants, extinct fauna, and antique illustrations

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2017 Festival Images\StressOfHerRegard_FIC11_March25_thumb.jpg
Class Warfare (The Stress of Her Regard)
 (4 min)
A music video and an abstract meditation on dread and disempowerment.
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Clowning Around (Little Bang Theory)
 (2 min)

Warning: Not for those suffering from coulrophobia! Viewer discretion advised!

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2017 Festival Images\TinyCitizen_FIC11_March25_thumb.jpg
Films in Competition 11: Music Videos
Sat, Mar 25 7:00 PM (90 min)

Eighteen music videos featuring musicians and bands such as Lightning Bolt. Skin Lives, blackhandpath, Little Bang Theory, Fever Ray, The Absynth Quartet, Winterpills, Bryan Smee, The Luyas and more. Programmed and presented by concert promoter Greg Baise, who has brought vital music and other culture to Detroit from the global underground for over two decades.

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2017 Festival Images\InevitableUnfavorable_FIC11_March25_thumb.jpg
Inevitable, Unfavorable (BOINK! Dance & Film)
 (6 min)

A short dance on video. Using repetitive movements and photography, "Inevitable, Unfavorable" was a question we asked ourselves about individual responsibility in a social world. It's easy to feel ground into dust.

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KYBM (Keep Your Body Moving) (Natasha Beste)
 (4 min)
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Lighter Click (DEDSA)
 (6 min)

Creator Robbie Ward hand illustrates and animates an odyssey through a mysterious psychedelic landscape full of monsters and secrets both beautiful and dark.

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