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2017 Festival Images\Black Like Her_March24_thumb.jpg
A Prerequisite for Rebellion
Fri, Mar 24 9:15 PM (78 min)

There is trauma for a Black body to exist within a colonized space. In this sequence of short films, we see the different ways this trauma manifests. How the trauma eats away at the Black body mentally, physically and emotionally. Throughout the series of shorts we see the attempts to disrupt and dismantle white supremacy - a crucial act, now more than ever. The program is curated by Ingrid LaFleur. LaFleur is a cultural producer, arts advocate, and founder of AFROTOPIA. She has developed and organized art exhibitions nationally and internationally with a curatorial focus on Afrofuturism. As guest curator at the Detroit Film Theatre, LaFleur organizes the Afrofuturism Film Series.

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2017 Festival Images\ActsAndIntermissions_March25_thumb.jpg
Sat, Mar 25 12:30 PM (56 min)
A new experimental documentary featureutilizing the life of Emma Goldman to explore the resurgence of protest in the 21st century. The work is hybrid and prismatic, including contemporary footage, archive and re-enactment to expose the continuing conflicts between labor and property, revolutionary purity and personal freedom. The film performs a time travel, intercutting moments from Emma’s life with her prescient speeches, weaving industrial era factory labor with computer data centers with Emma’s intimate diaries—to explore human vulnerabilities, compromis-es and choices. Known as the “most dangerous woman alive,” Emma was also passionate and sexual; beauty/art/humor part of the freedoms for which she was fighting. The film creates a dialogue on individual liberties and anarchism: how we risk and how we are compromised? Questions that have become only more relevant in our current political climate.
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2017 Festival Images\AmericaForAmericans_FIC9_March25_thumb.jpg
America For Americans
 (33 min)
A found footage essay film on the ecstasy and anguish of besieged black life in the United States of America.
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2017 Festival Images\Socrates_March22_thumb.jpg
Socrates of Kamchatka
Wed, Mar 22 7:30 PM (70 min)
Socrates of Kamchatka blends documentary and fiction to tell a story about Anfisa, and her horse - Socrates, who was murdered in 2012 to punish Anfisa for her economic success. The film is a tale about the 'breaking' of horses and people by caring Communist masters.
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