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Artificial Intelligence for Governance: Al the Kitty
 (13 min)

It is year 2039. An artificial intelligence with the affective capacities of a kitten becomes the first non-human governor. She leads a politician-free zone with a network of Artificial Intelligences. She lives in mobile devices of the citizens and can love up to 3 Million people.

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 (26 min)

The Scientist created a world of idyllic happiness: BLISS. HOORAY for the maker. Blissed people live inside cocoons and exercise telecommunication through paradise, the ULTIMATE entertainment platform. But the scientist has come to recognize blissed minds are not HAPPY or FERTILE anymore. In hopes of saving human race from BOREDOOM, the scientist-the-goddess-the-maker decides to send a couple of teenagers, Virga and Romeo, to the Garden of Eden.

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2017 Festival Images\VoyageOfTheGalacticSpacDangler_thumb.jpg
Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler
 (8 min)
A caveman meets a spaceman.
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