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100 Years of Dada: Dada in Dialogue in the Present
Thu, Mar 23 7:30 PM (73 min)

A short film program curated by John Canciani and Aline Juchler (Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur) The selection contains clusters with dialogues between the original Dadaist films and their contemporary counterparts. Dada is everything and nothing; Dada is dead; Dada is alive; Dada is a well-meaning contradiction. It was politically in reaction to current events and sometimes playfully in search of new art forms. With the newer works screening in response to the original Dada films, we ask whether contemporary filmmakers are able to evoke the spirit of Dada: Do their films simply exhibit formal similarities or do they come from kindred spirits? The program presents historic films by Marcel Duchamp and René Clair alongside contemporary work by filmmakers such as Réka Bucsi and Mirai Mizue.

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 (26 min)

The Scientist created a world of idyllic happiness: BLISS. HOORAY for the maker. Blissed people live inside cocoons and exercise telecommunication through paradise, the ULTIMATE entertainment platform. But the scientist has come to recognize blissed minds are not HAPPY or FERTILE anymore. In hopes of saving human race from BOREDOOM, the scientist-the-goddess-the-maker decides to send a couple of teenagers, Virga and Romeo, to the Garden of Eden.

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 (8 min)

An unfaithful remake of Man Ray's 1926 "Emak Bakia" made without the use of a motion picture camera, ELONA EM EVAEL/LEAVE ME ALONE is a nonsensical response to brutality alongside a celebration of silver process.

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Films in Competition 6
Fri, Mar 24 7:00 PM (120 min)

AAFF grandee Pat Oleszko returns to perform at AAFF55. "Pat Oleszko makes a spectacle of myself - and doesn't mind if you laugh." Her performances range from street to stage to silver screen in a rollicking mass of splendid ephemera. Six short films will follow Pat's performance including recent experimental, documentary, and animated works. Features a scientist-created world of idyllic happiness, a recorded Skype exorcism, a voyeur cat, and the World Premiere of local film artists Terri Sarris & Frank Pahl's film Circular, an adaptation of the short story "The Circular Ruins" by Jorge Luis Borges.

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Sat, Mar 25 5:00 PM (60 min)

Romi, a Japanese woman living in Paris, works in a karaoke bar. At home in the suburbs, she tends to her paraplegic lover Milou. To pass the time she recounts to him a story alluding to a period they once spent together in Japan. Soon, the mystery of a man named Mr. Ono begins to unsettle everything. Weaving together personal history, anecdotes and myths, the story takes a dark turn.

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The Pink Egg
Wed, Mar 22 9:15 PM (90 min)

"The Pink Egg" is a feature-length movie using human actors to enact the life cycles of insects.

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