Annapolis Elementary School
Maryland Hall Bowen Lower Theater
Maryland Hall Main Theater
St. John's College FSK Auditorium
St. John's Conversation Room
10:00 AM (120 min)
Student Shorts
From as far away as China to as near as Annapolis, these student filmmakers display their talents through various genres from comedy to drama to fantasy and sci-fi.
12:30 PM (120 min)
Local Shorts
SCREENING IS ON STAND-BY. Please come to the venue to join the rush line, 15 minutes before screening, for a CASH ONLY TICKET only if seating is available.
3:00 PM (120 min)
Shorts Program #4: Let's Go
From the dawn of childhood to the twilight years, these protagonists go on unexpected journeys with tragic, triumphant, or liberating results.
5:30 PM (75 min)
Storm the Gates
In the wake of the 2016 presidential elections, three women quit the lives they once knew to run for office.
7:15 PM (95 min)
In Reality
Ann is consumed by the fantasy of finding true love, but just when she thinks she's got it, she is friend-zoned by the object of her affection.
12:30 PM (90 min)
Ode to Joy
SCREENING IS ON STAND-BY. Please come to the venue to join the rush line, 15 minutes before screening, for a CASH ONLY TICKET only if seating is available.
2:30 PM (150 min)
The Cold Blue - Double Feature
This is a double feature, special presentation with specially invited guests.
6:00 PM (117 min)
The Tobacconist
ENCORE SCREENING - In Vienna in the 1930s, a young man pursues the girl of his dreams and seeks the advice of Sigmund Freud, even as the foreboding influence of fascism starts to take root.
8:15 PM (81 min)
Facing the Dragon
ENCORE SCREENING - Two women in Afghanistan, a journalist and a politician are trying to survive and make change in a place that has been extraordinarily chauvinistic for millennia.
10:30 AM (105 min)
Sea Change
In a historic self-documented adventure, eight GoPro cameras capture the harrowing journey of a South African couple as they attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to New York in a rowboat.
12:45 PM (105 min)
In a small town filled with secrets, a grieving father prepares his three teenage daughters for the Rapture in hopes of reuniting with his deceased wife.
3:00 PM (105 min)
In Your Hands
With the help of La Comtessa (a master piano teacher played by Kristin Scott Thomas), Pierre tries to prepare Mathieu to represent the school in a major music competition.
5:30 PM (270 min)
Best of Fest
Audience Awards and Jury Award Winners will be announced and awarded during our Best of Fest Awards Show, beginning at 5:30pm on Sunday, March 24th, 2019. Audience Awards FIlms for: Best Feature, Best Narrative Feature, Best Narritive Short, Best Documentary Feature and Best Documentary Short will screen immediately after the Awards Show.
9:00 AM (195 min)
The Interpreter
Bagel Breakfast beginning at 9:00am and screening of The Interpreter beginning at 10:00am.
12:30 PM (105 min)
Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel
A team of Jewish baseball players takes on the world in this David-and-Goliath story of Israel’s national baseball team as it competes for the first time in the World Baseball Classic.
2:45 PM (105 min)
Following the death of her father, 17-year-old Sole is sent from New York to Los Angeles to live with her estranged grandmother in this inspired coming-of-age drama.
5:00 PM (120 min)
Ramen Shop
ENCORE SCREENING - A young man, hungry to know more about his deceased parents' history, leaves Japan to take a mouth-watering culinary journey to Singapore.
7:30 PM (120 min)
ENCORE SCREENING - A dark comedic thriller about two lovers on the run who meet a quirky couple with a dark secret.
12:30 PM (60 min)
Voices of Women in Film
People are finally paying attention to women in cinema. What does this mean for the industry and for storytelling in a visual medium? Do women tell their stories differently than men? How will the landscape of filmmaking change going forward? Hear from key players in the field and join in the discussion.