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In the city of dreams, it's hard to stay woke.
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‘Til Death (‘Til Death)

After killing his wife, a man learns he will be haunted by her extremely angry and unforgiving ghost for the rest of his life.
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A Great Day In Hip Hop Revisited (A Great Day In Hip Hop Revisited)

On September 29, 1998, Gordon Parks shot a photograph of over 200 MCs, DJs and dancers on the same steps as the A Great Day in Harlem photograph from 1959.
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A Rodeo Film (A Rodeo Film)

In the world of all-black rodeo, a bull rider questions his family's legacy of bull riding against his own aspirations of life.
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An Anomalous Love (An Anomalous Love)

A man in his mid 20’s and a woman in her mid 40’s navigate a casual relationship.
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Angel’s Mirror (Angel’s Mirror)

What will you see in a mirror?
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Anna, a middle-aged mother, lives in a small industrial town Ukraine. she is lured by a radio advertisement to attend a party of foreign men who are touring the country.
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Be A Fish

A young African American girl seeks guidance from a fish when her mother forces her to go underwater.
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After an uncomfortable encounter, a young girl seeks refuge in the girls bathroom and is transported to an underworld of Black Girl Magic.
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Black Girl Church (Black Girl Church)

Dissecting black womens' intimate relationship with the beauty supply store, the unfortunate truths of these safe spaces are revealed.
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Bradford Young: Cinema Is The Weapon (Bradford Young: Cinema Is The Weapon)

Corine Dhondee interviews Cinematographer Bradford Young about his films, those who inspire him and who are actively formulating a new black aesthetics.
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Brooklyn Park (Brooklyn Park)

Chronicling a single night in the life of Somali rideshare driver Abdi, BROOKLYN PARK is a modern-day immigrant tale that explores alienation, grief, and transcendence.
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Brothers from the Suburbs (Brothers from the Suburbs)

Suburban teens Bone, Davis, and Free--the only black kids in their class--stumble through love, hip-hop, high school, and cultural dissonance as they attempt to survive adolescence.
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Cap (Cap)

15 year-old Manny Bennitt learns the hard way the price of being cool.
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Cheer Up, Charlie (Cheer Up, Charlie)

A bright-eyed 20-year-old puts her dream on hold to pay for her family's medical bills in the fastest way she knows how; dealing drugs.
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Convencete (Convencete)

Princesa Alba and her Dance Squad dance around and flirt in a neo colonial Casona enjoying their new found freedom.
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Dunya’s Day (Dunya’s Day)

Abandoned by her domestic help, Dunya fights to throw the perfect graduation soirée.
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Empty (Empty)

Two women arrive to pick up their daughter from school only to find that it's empty.
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