Duke Energy Center - Jr. Ballroom
Duke Energy Center - Theater 1
Duke Energy Center - Theater 2
12:00 PM (90 min)
Premier Luncheon
THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT - Meet our celebrities, sponsors and host agencies and enjoy lunch among friends. It's an event you'll never forget. Celebrities include RJ Mitte, Nick Clooney, Lauren Potter, and more!
6:30 PM (120 min)
Premier Night Reception and The Astronaut's Secret
Join us for our Premier Night to benefit U.C. Gardner Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders. Enjoy delicious hors d'oeuvres and the brillian short film, Astronaut's Secret. The film eplores the diagnosis astronaut Rich Clifford hid on his walk in space. Emcee: Sheila Gray
5:00 PM (75 min)
Hollywood and Disability: An Insiders View
Explore Hollywood's response to the current movement to employ actors with disbilities. Nic Novicki, the founder of the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge, and John Lawson, the first winning director of the Challenge, bring to RAFF their unique perspectives on how Hollywood is both changing and resisting hiring actors with disabilities. They'll present three winning short films from the Easter Seals Disablity Film Challenge and describe how the competition is disrupting the current system to cause positive change.
7:30 PM (90 min)
Do You Dream in Color?
The poignant coming-of-age story of Connor, Nick, Sarah, and Carina, who navigate the growing pains of high school, but unlike most teens, face another challenge: blindness.
5:30 PM (90 min)
Valuing Lives: Wolf Wolfensberger and the Principle of Normalization and Reception
A film documenting the social paradigm shift triggered by Wolf Wolfensberger, a professor and change agent who, in the early 1970s, popularized and expanded the principle of normalization of people with disabilities into a framework for community inclusion.
7:30 PM (120 min)
The Voice of the Voiceless
Based on a true story, Voice of the Voiceless shatters our ideas about film, storytelling, and sound. Olga, a teenager with hearing impairment, is lured from Central America to New York Emcee: Charisse Gibson, FOX 19