NO LAND WITHOUT EVIL (No Hay Tierra Sin Mal)

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Film Info
Director:Belen Bianco
Running Time:61
Year of Release:2014
Premiere:US Premiere


Directed by female auteur Belen Bianco in her feature film debut, No Land Without Evil is a lyrical and poetic coming-of-age film from Argentina. Teenaged Ana examines herself in the mirror while Silvia, a middle-aged housemaid, simultaneously combs her hair. The awakening of Ana's sexuality has taken its time, and the surrounding world does not let her think; it only stares at her beauty. Silvia endures the summer heat during her daily routines and craves some kind of love to get through the day. Is Silvia a future version of young Ana? In the spirit of the art film director Victor Erice, Bianco follows Ana through her emotional voyage into womanhood as she navigates both her public and private lives.- Jeff M. Giordano

Plays with INSIDE VOICES, Ryland Walker Knight, 12 min.

Two San Francisco girls sneak into their uncle's house, drink his vodka, and talk about losing their virginity.

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