Film Info
Director:Tim K. Smith
Running Time:76
Year of Release:2014


Sex and Broadcasting is at once heartfelt, gritty and informative, and you don’t really want it to end.” —The Village Voice

Held together by an all-volunteer army of DJs, experts, and weirdos, New Jersey radio station WFMU is something that by all rights shouldn’t exist: an entirely listener-supported, non-commercial enterprise. As their original benefactor, tiny Upsala College, was literally crumbling around them, a coalition of radio station personnel and supporters bought the license for the station in order to continue their idiosyncratic mission. But this free form non-profit was like no other: They refused corporate and government sponsorship, subsisting entirely on listener donations. Under the “benign dictatorship” of station manager Ken Freedman, WFMU earned a reputation the world over as champions of the coolest, weirdest stuff out there. But now, with an unforeseen economic meltdown, Freedman’s controversial management style, a problematic expansion into Manhattan, and the departure of a superstar DJ, how long can the pride of Jersey City stay on the air? Featuring interviews with Tom Scharpling, Matt Groening, Adam Horovitz, and more. - Mike Keegan