Strange & Sexy



Hollywood Theatre Sun, May 15, 2016 1:30 PM
Series:NW Animation Fest


Sunday, May 15 at 1:30pm | $9


Take a wild romp through the jungles of psyche and sexuality! This uninhibited collection of shorts plunges into the themes of lust and liberation, deviant desire and ecstatic enlightenment. Through an animator's eyes, realize the beauty of the human body — and then twist your brain around the bizarrely bawdy.


Here's some of what you'll see: Benjamin is gung-ho to join the local swinger's club. Just one problem... No partner, no entry! Anna orders a new blow-up boyfriend from the mail order catalog. When he fails to live up to expectations, she feels deflated. A darkly mysterious chimney sweep dreams his way through a bizarre house occupied by an enormous glowing cherry, waltzing walruses, and a burning cabaret dancer. An old Russian witch comes to the aid of a lovesick girl, helping her reconnect with the forest and an age-old wisdom. A ribald astronaut searches for love and the meaning of life on the strange and distant planet of triangles.




The Northwest Animation Festival (May 9-15) showcases visionary worlds of fantasy, unforgettable stories, and outlandish oddities from around the globe. See the year's best international shorts, selected from over 1300 submissions. Explore seven special topic screenings. Participate in conversations with filmmakers. Play at late night after-parties. If you're an animation-lover, this is the must-see event of 2016!


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