Manila in the Claws of Light

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Pickford Film Center Tue, Jan 15 6:30 PM
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Country of Origin:Philippines
Language:Filipino, Tagalog, w/ Engilsh subtitles
Genre:Drama, Mystery
Programs:Masters of Asian Cinema


"Widely (and understandably) considered one of the pinnacles of Filipino cinema, Lino Brocka’s devastating, recently restored 1975 melodrama opens with several stunning, grainy black-and-white shots of Manila, striking a beautiful balance between on-the-ground verisimilitude and fable-like eeriness. As the images morph into color (very urban Wizard of Oz), we meet 21-year-old Julio (Bembol Roco), a fisherman who has traveled from his coastal idyll in pursuit of Ligaya (Hilda Koronel), the woman he loves. She was taken from her home with promises of a better life, but Julio has learned that she was actually sold into the employ of a Chinese pimp." Time Out, Keith Uhlich