The Handmaid's Tale (1990)

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Pickford Film Center Sat, Jan 26 12:00 PM
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Reason for rating:adult situations/language, nudity, violence
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Country of Origin:USA, Germany
Genre:Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Programs:Rocket Sci-Fi Matinees


Rocket Sci-Fi, introduction by Steve Meyers. Margaret Atwood's vision of a fundamentalist Christian dystopia is grimly fascinating, but much less trenchant than it might have been. It takes place in a future where pollution has rendered 99 per cent of the women in the U.S. infertile. The country is ruled by a fundamentalist Christian dictatorship, which has sequestered all fertile women to serve as breeders for sufficiently wealthy families. Made slightly after the heyday of the Christian right, the film clearly intended to do for that movement what Orwell did for Communism in 1984 -- to envision the consequences of its ideology.