Bionic Man Vs. Bigfoot



Hollywood Theatre Wed, Jan 30 7:30 PM


On Wednesday, Jan 30th, Re Run Theater Presents:  “Bionic Man Vs. Bigfoot”

“In this famous episode of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, “The Secret of Bigfoot” is at last revealed. 

“When two seismologists disappear while surveying a massive fault line running through the remote woods of Northern California, giant footprints reveal the perpetrator to be none other than the legendary Sasquatch.  Captain Steve Austin goes searching for clues and soon comes face to face with the half man / half monster of Native American legend.

But there is far more to this beast than meets the eye and far more mysterious happenings in these woods than anyone could imagine.  The Bionic Man must discover the truth even as sensors warn of a massive Earthquake that could completely devastate the entire West Coast.”

STARRING:  Lee Majors, Stefanie Powers, Andre the Giant, Richard Anderson