Cold Case Hammarskjöld



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Country of Origin:Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium
Language:English and other languages w/ English subtitles


In 1961 Secretary General of the UN Dag Hammarskjöld died in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia. He was en route to ceasefire negotiations between non combatant UN forces and troops from the breakaway state of Katanga. He was taking a stance in the fight against colonialism in times of instability during the Cold War. What started as conspiracy theories have evolved into a growing consensus that Hammarskjöld and 15 other people were shot down, inciting the UN to reopen the case on the suspicion of assassination. Danish director Mads Brügger and Swedish private investigator Göran Björkdahl investigate the mysterious death of Dag Hammarskjöld. As their investigation closes in, they discover a crime far worse than murder.