Sound & Vision at The Goat Farm
The Goat Farm Arts CenterWed, Mar 20, 2013 6:00 PM Not Available  
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Get turned up! Back by popular demand, with a new name and hosted by Team Luis, ATLFF Sound and Vision will undoubtedly be a night you will never forget! Featuring the hottest bands in Atlanta, music videos, popular local food trucks, experimental films, music videos, a one of a kind installation from ATLFF Alum Micah Stansell, and Cousin Dan on the ones and twos! Tickets are $10!


Presented by The Goat Farm
Sponsored by Uber, indieATL & Creative Loafing
Co-Hosted by Luis Sandoval and Cousin Dan
Spinning Cousin Dan


Playing the Dovetail Stage


Gringo Star
Dog Bite


Cute Boots
Shantih Shantih


Art Installations
The Water and The Blood - Micah Stansell
Romy Maloon
Lana Vogestad
The Huber Experiments Volume 2 - Erik Huber


Sound & Vision Experimental Block (Rodriguez Room)


Exuberant Discord in Motion - Directed by Anna Spence
Arrastre- Directed by Ana Teresa Fernandez
This Is Not the Film's Title, the True Title is in the Closing Credits - Directed by Slaven Zimbrek


Well Contested Sites - Directed by Amie Dowling and Austin Forbord
Synchorny - Directed by Kacey Morrow
Seed Story - Directed by William D. Caballero


Music Video Competition (Rodriguez Room)

Circus Heart: Peformed by Rebecca Loebe - Directed by Chris Tsambis
Rockers: Performed by Orax - Directed by Laila Sonsino and Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
Smurf: Performed by - Directed by Chandler Mays
Beacon Sun: Performed by Quiet Hounds - Directed by Scott Lansing
Mountain King: Performed by The Kolin - Directed by Danila Kostil
Forgetful Assistance: Performed by The Elwins - Directed by  Michael Schmidt
Afterparty: Performed by The Constellations - Directed by Video Rahim
Chicas En La Ducha: Performed by Hush Hush - Directed by Derek Howard 
Cocaine: Performed by PLS PLS featuring Elijah Jones of The Constellations - Directed by Video Rahim
Go Away: Performed by The Coathangers - Directed by Jason Travis
Reagan: Performed by Killer Mike - Directed by Daniel Garcia and Harry Teitelman 
Aldgate Patterns: Performed by Little People - Directed by Adam Amaral 
Scraps of Paper: Performed by Jeremy Rourke - Directed by Jeremy Rourke
Ludic Chase: Performed by rec.tangle - Directed by Aya Brown and Jason Brown
The Beat Comes: Performed by Snowden - Directed by John Merizalde
Raga in Coolangatta: Performed by Arrested Development - Directed by Tymm Hoffman, Speech Thomas, Nsil TheDude, Jason Berry and Tony Reames
Ojo por diente: Performed by Klaus & Kinski - Directed by Chema García Ibarra
Living: Performed by Arrested Development - Directed by Tony Reames, Jason Berry, Speech Thomas and Nsil TheDude
Silly Bears: Performed by Akron/Family - Directed by Matthew Brunson

Included Shorts
Arrastre (6min) Experimental Short | 6 min More
Synchrony (0min) Experimental Short More
Afterparty by The Constellations (0min) More
Aldgate Patterns by Little People (0min) More
Beacon Sun by Quiet Hounds (0min) More
Chicas En La Ducha by Hush Hush (0min) More
Circus Heart by Rebecca Loebe (0min) More
Cocaine by PLS PLS (0min) More
Forgetful Assistance by The Elwins (0min) More
Go Away by The Coathangers (0min) More
Living by Arrested Development (0min) More
Ludic Chase by rec.tangle (0min) More
Mountain King by The Kolin (0min) More
Ojo Por Diente by Klaus & Kinski (0min) More
Raga in Coolangatta by Arrested Development (0min) More
Rockers by Orax (4min) More
Scraps of Paper by Jeremy Rourke (0min) More
Silly Bears by Akron/Family (0min) More
Smurf by Two Fingers (0min) More
The Beat Comes by Snowden (0min) More
Seed Story (13min) Experimental Short | 13 min More
This Is Not the Film's Title, the True Title Is in the Closing Credits (14min) Experimental Short | 14 min More
Exuberant Discord In Motion (5min) Experimental Short | 5 min More
Well Contested Sites (13min) Experimental Short | 13 min More
Reagan by Killer Mike (0min) More
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