Trains of Thoughts

Film Info
Director:Timo Novotny
Film Category:Asian
Running Time:84
Year of Release:2012
Premiere:US Premiere


Docfest is proud to present the US Premiere of this documentary tour de force takes us on a journey through the subway systems of mega-cities around the world: Vienna, Moscow, NYC, Hong Kong, LA, and Tokyo. Audio interviews with local residents are utilized as the films narrative. It emanates a strong feeling of both loneliness and community.

Trains of Thoughts is an exploration into the hidden world of global underground public transportation, focusing on the survival, control, and silence of everyday citizens in poetic and mysterious ways.

Visual artist and award-winning film director, Timo Novotny delicately balances profoundly detailed images with a sophisticated sonic soundtrack of music performed by Sofa Surfers, a collective with whom the filmmaker also performs. (Rada Sesic, Sarajevo Film Festival) (JMG)