Epic Space Battle Part One: Sci Fi TV



Hollywood Theatre Thu, May 23, 2013 7:30 PM
Series:Organ Grinders
Film Info
Genre:Science Fiction


On Thursday May 23rd at 7:30pm, SCI FI TV presents a new sub series of TV events and movies: Epic Space Battles.  Immediately in the wake of a certain blockbuster movie from 1977 concerning interstellar warfare, an armada of inspired imitations swarmed onto the small screen and into movie theaters.


The first was this epic tale of the human race’s final flight for survival from a relentless enemy bent on total annihilation.  After a thousand year war with their alien robot adversaries, the human leaders of twelve space colonies who may have been our ancestors, fall for a Trojan Horse ploy where they believe peace is finally at hand when in fact, their military fleet has been lead into a devastating ambush and their defenseless home worlds have been utterly destroyed.  The last remaining military commander manages to round up the survivors of this holocaust into whatever spaceships can still fly and the ragtag fugitive fleet flees into deep space, in search of a legendary, lost 13th colony far out in the Universe, known as Earth.


We are doing our best to re-create the original experience of this event, by presenting the show complete with a few 1970s commercial breaks AND a quick peak at the Egypt / Israeli peace talks that actually interrupted the show during its original airing.

So get ready for interplanetary dogfights, vector graphic targeting screens, alien lounge singers and a creepily cute cybernetic canine.  By your command.