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Film Info
Section (Film Type):Discoveries
Release Year:2013
Run Time:88
Production Country:Canada
Premiere Status:World
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Teach Grant
Executive Producer:Dean Wray
Shawna Wray
Producer:Crystal Braunwarth
Teach Grant
Siobhan McCarthy
Screenplay:Dean Wray
Teach Grant
Cinematographer:Adam Myhill
Music:Crispin Hands
Editor:Dave Thompson
Principal Cast:Dean Wray
Tantoo Cardinal
Martin Cummins
Michael Rogers
Teach Grant
Brent Stait
Production Company:Last Train Pictures
Naked i Productions
Print Source:Last Train Pictures/ReckaReckaFilms/Naked i Productions
Vancouver’s East Side is a drug-addled, ghetto-like enclave within a big thriving metropolis unlike anything to be found in the rest of Canada. It attracts junkies, hookers, and lowlifes of every type, including some who prey on the desperation of teenage runaways. DOWN HERE tells the gritty story of a Vancouver street detective who is trying to solve the case of missing teenagers who end up victims in snuff films. Shot on the actual streets of Vancouver, there is a sense that there is only so much that the cops can do to help stem the misery and the exploitation. Try as they might to seem as non-threatening and as non-judgmental as possible, they have great difficulty in getting the street people to open up with much needed information. This is director Teach Grant’s first feature film, but he has extensive credits as an actor. He co-wrote the script with his lead actor Dean Wray, who looks appropriately grizzled, as his character has to deal with his own alcoholism, even as he races against the clock to protect any future victims from the snuff murderer. Many of the strongest scenes are provided by Tantoo Cardinal, who offers the cop an oasis in the storm and nurses him back to health after a particularly devastating relapse. Her quiet compassion and strength demonstrate that redemption can be found on any street, including those in Vancouver’s downtown East Side.