SF IndieFest Benefit/Launch Party: PROM NIGHT: Redux

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Women's Building Fri, Jan 10, 2014 8:00 PM


Did you love your prom? You get to relive it all over again!

Did you hate your prom? You get a Total Do Over!

SF IndieFest celebrates its Sweet 16 this year! Please join us Jan 10, 8p at the Women's Building (3543 18th at Valencia) for our Benefit/Launch Party/Prom Night and an enchanting evening of dancing, romancing and heinous formalwear (heinous formalwear optional). And you don't even have to break into your parents' liquor cabinet to enjoy yourself. Prom Night: Redux also serves to kick off the Roxie Theater's 5 day series of teen themed films I WAS A TEENAGE TEENAGER running Jan 10-14.

It's the most magical night of the year—an evening of dancing, romancing and sneaking slugs of your dad's cinnamon schnapps in the janitor's closet. Yes, the pinnacle of your high school years: Prom Night, when awkward teens are magically transformed into... awkward teens wearing ill-fitting formalwear. And you're cordially invited to dust off your saddle shoes, step inside the proverbial Delorean, and take a trip back in time to relive this zenith of your teenage glory days (or, as mentioned earlier, Totally Do It Right this time).

DJ Shindog (New Wave City) and DJ Junkyard (Litterbox) will be keeping those gowns a-swirling on the dancefloor all night until the onstage face-off where we all award the honor and glory of Prom King and Queen. We have a sneaking suspicion you'll want to catch a glimpse of that before trotting off to make out in the locker room (after all, all is fair in love and tiaras). Attendees will also be able to capture the memories forever with a little help from Out of the Booth whose photobooth means your night of chiffon, shellacked up-do's and uncomfortable couples' poses will be preserved for all of time. Oh, and this time you don't have to rely on whatever bottom-shelf hooch you could manage to smuggle out of the parental liquor cabinet as we'll be both spiking the punch for you and offering a full bar.

And this little shindig isn't just a chance to waltz the night away in your uncomfortable tux or gown, you'll get to support a noble cause and pin a boutonniere on your crush, all in one enchanted evening. And without fear of getting your braces stuck together.

Roxie Theater series I WAS A TEENAGE TEENAGER info: roxie.com

SF IndieFest's SWEET 16 info: sfindie.com