The Last Ocean
  • Most Endangered Species in the Bay: The Waterman
Roxie TheaterSun, Jun 1, 2014 3:00 PM Not Available
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Film Type:Feature
Topic:Food Security
Peter Young | New Zealand | 2012 | 53 min

The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the most pristine stretch of ocean on Earth. A vast, frozen landscape that teems with life; largely untouched by humans. Californian ecologist David Ainley has been studying this unique ecosystem for more than thirty years. This award-winning film reveals the impact of an international fishing fleet that has recently found its way to the Ross Sea. It is targeting Antarctic toothfish, sold as Chilean Sea Bass in up-market restaurants around the world and here in San Francisco. Ainley knows that unless fishing is stopped the natural balance of the Ross Sea will be lost forever. He rallies his fellow scientists and meets up with a Colorado nature photographer and New Zealand filmmaker who also share his passion. Together they form 'The Last Ocean' and begin a campaign taking on the commercial fishers and governments in a race to protect Earth's last untouched ocean from our insatiable appetite for fish.

PLUS: Panel Discussion - The Future of Fish

Where is your seafood from? Is it sustainably or even legally caught? With over 80% of seafood imported into the USA, what is a socially conscious seafood lover to do? After the screening, listen to a panel of experts discuss these and other issues around sustainable fishing. Includes David Ainley PhD, TH Harvey and Associates Inc, and subject of The Last Ocean; Aaron Pope, Manger of Sustainability, California Academy of Sciences; Casson Trenor, Author, Owner Tataki Sushi; Crystal Saunders, Fish Revolution; David McGuire, Shark Stewards (moderator).

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Most Endangered Species in the Bay: The Waterman (7min) More
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Peter Young is an award-winning documentary cameraman and producer. Peter established Fisheye Films in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1997. He has credits in over a hundred documentaries, among them; BBC’s Blue Planet series, a Giant Squid documentary for prime time Discovery, the acclaimed TVNZ series Explorers and the final tribute documentary for Sir Edmund Hilary. He produced and shot the award winning series Hunger for the Wild for TVNZ and is now working on his second series of Coasters. The Last Ocean, is his first feature documentary, a project he began in 2006. This labour of love has expanded into the formation of a Charitable Trust to promote the protection of the Ross Sea, Antarctica, the world’s most pristine marine ecosystem.