BoneSaw Bros, Scary Stories: Christmas edition
bonesaw bros scary stories.jpg
New People CinemaFri, Dec 12, 2014 9:00 PM Not Available
Film Info
Director:Ham Pant Presents
Running Time:100
Year of Release:2014
Christmas is a time of love, giving, and unspeakable horror. It wasn’t always the horror of ugly sweaters, annoying cousins, and Jingle Bell Rock. Once upon a time it was fear for the real life threats of coming winter. So, family and folk huddled around embers of a Winter Solstice bonfire to release their terror by tell stories.

Scary stories.

Horrible tales of death, punishment, and the supernatural, where men died and children were abducted by Christmas monsters like Krampus, Gumphinckel, and Zwarte Piet.

On December 12, rise above the horde of vacant eyed consumers and join the Bonesaw Brothers for an evening of Christmas horror, ancient seasonal rites, eldritch winter tales, and holiday ghost stories.

The evening will consist of multitple scary live christmas stories performed by theater group Ham Pants Productions. The event will take place on December 12th at 9pm in the new people cinema. Tickets for this event will be $20