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The Crash Reel - Subject Kevin Pearce - by Burton Snowboards_thumb.jpg
Preparing for a run at the Olympics following an astounding victory over archrival Shaun White at the Open half-pipe snowboard finals in Switzerland in 2008, Kevin Pearce suffers a debilitating head injury while training. Thanks to rich archival material and access to family home movies, the painful road to recovery is painstakingly chronicled.
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The Ridge Still - Dogwoof (11)_thumb.jpg
A gripping documentary about the largest rescue attempt ever mounted in the Himalayas, one that involved twelve men from ten countries (including Canada) over four days on the 8,000 metre-high Mount Annapurna. Subtly, the film transforms into a broader meditation on the meaning of life, professional camaraderie and man’s relationship to nature.
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Gun-wielding street punks perform extraordinary ski stunts on the streets of Riga in Latvia. This film features incredible camera work and an extraordinary music score. Snow stunts in an urban environment like you've never seen before.
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