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Tue, Sep 18, 2018 7:00 PM (111 min)
Ricardo (Boucher) is a 21-year-old who spends the majority of his time on a university bench studying scriptwriting. He soon meets the beautiful Marie-Ève Bernard (Gosselin) who seems to be the woman of his dreams. When she tells him that she is going to study Italian in Perugia, Umbria, he doesn’t waste any time trying to convince his parents of the benefits a study trip to the country of his ancestors has. His first real trip outside of Québec holds many surprises for him, but upon arrival to his destination he discovers that MarieÈve is not at all attracted to him.
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3 Faces (Se rokh)

SiIverCity Sudbury
Sun, Sep 16, 2018 12:00 PM (100 min)
Well-known actress Behnaz Jafari (played by herself) is left distraught when she comes across a provincial girl’s video plea for help, after her family prevents her from taking up her studies at the Tehran drama conservatory. Jafari abandons her shoot and turns to filmmaker Jafar Panahi (played by himself) to help with the young girl’s troubles. They travel by car to the rural northwest, where they have amusing encounters with the charming and generous folk of the girl’s mountain village. Jafari and Jafar soon discover that old traditions die hard. La célèbre actrice iranienne Behnaz Jafari (interprétée par elle-même) reçoit une troublante vidéo d’une jeune fille de province implorant son aide pour échapper à sa famille conservatrice qui lui interdit d’aller étudier au conservatoire d’art dramatique de Téhéran. Bouleversée, Behnaz quitte le tournage pour lui porter main-forte. Elle demande à son ami, le réalisateur Jafar Pahani (également interprété par lui-même), de l’aider à compren
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À nous l’éternité (We Have Forever)

Fri, Sep 21, 2018 2:30 PM (81 min)
At the beginning of adulthood, Antoine (Desrochers) has a multitude of options: the choice to work in mother’s restaurant or attend one of the top culinary arts schools in the world; the choice to join his friends in Montréal or stay and chill in a small rural village to work as a welder; and the choice to believe Sara (Mottet) or to believe her younger sister Lea (Jaouich). You see, life is filled with choices, detours, and setbacks, but there is no need to worry when you’re only 20. Eternity lies ahead.
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Angelique's Isle

Sat, Sep 22, 2018 1:00 PM (90 min)
Based on the novella Angelique Abandoned written by James R. Stevens, which was inspired by the true story of 17-year-old Angelique Mott, Angelique’s Isle is a harrowing tale of perseverance and survival set against the backdrop of the great copper rush of 1845. It follows a young Ojibway woman named Angelique (Jones) and her voyageur husband Charlie (Carrick) who are stranded and left for dead by copper miners on an island off Lake Superior’s Isle Royale after ignoring the warnings of her grandmother, Green Thunderbird (Cardinal). Angelique is forced to face her inner demons, as the treacherous winter wilderness threatens to keep all natural, physical, and psychological odds of surviving against her. Angelique (Jones), une Ojibwée de 17 ans, et son mari Charlie (Carrick), un voyageur, sont abandonnés par des mineurs sur un îlot près de l'île Royale, sur le lac Supérieur. La jeune femme avait quitté malgré les avertissements de sa grand-mère, Green Thunderbird (Cardinal). Angelique se
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Animal Behaviour

Sun, Sep 16, 2018 11:30 AM (14 min)
Dealing with what comes naturally isn’t easy, especially for animals. In Animal Behaviour, the latest animated short from the Oscar®-winning team of Alison Snowden and David Fine (Bob’s Birthday), five animals meet regularly to discuss their inner angst in a group therapy session led by Dr. Clement, a canine psychotherapist. The group includes Lorraine, a leech who suffers from separation anxiety; Cheryl, a praying mantis who can’t seem to keep a man; Todd, a pig with an eating disorder; Jeffrey, a bird with guilt issues; and Linda, an obsessive-compulsive cat.
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Mon, Sep 17, 2018 3:30 PM (87 min)
A cinematic meditation on humanity’s massive reengineering of the planet, Anthropocene is a feature documentary film from the multiple-award winning team of Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, and Edward Burtynsky. Third in a trilogy that includes Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013), the film follows the research of an international body of scientists, the Anthropocene Working Group who, after nearly 10 years of research, are arguing that the Holocene Epoch gave way to the Anthropocene Epoch in the mid-twentieth century, because of profound and lasting human changes to the Earth. The filmmakers have traversed the globe using high end production values and state of the art camera techniques to document evidence and experience of human planetary domination. Baichwal’s previous work includes the critically-acclaimed documentary Long Time Running, which opened the 2018 edition of Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival.
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The Apartment

Sun, Sep 16, 2018 6:00 PM (170 min)
Bud Baxter (Lemmon) is a minor clerk in a major New York insurance company. Wanting to climb the corporate ladder more than anything, he decides to lend his apartment out to the executives as a place for them to take their mistresses. Constantly finding himself having to deal with the aftermath of their visits, he runs into trouble when he realizes he is sharing a girlfriend (MacLaine) with his callous boss (MacMurray).
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Ash Is Purest White (Jiang hu er nv)

Mon, Sep 17, 2018 12:00 PM (150 min)
Set in China’s underworld, Ash is the Purest White follows the story of Qiao (Zhao) who is in love with a local mobster named Bin (Liao). When a fight breaks out between two rival gangs, Qiao fires a gun in an attempt to protect the man she loves. As a result of this act of loyalty, she ends up receiving a prison sentence of five years. Upon her release, she sets out looking for Bin to pick up where they left off.
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Assassination Nation

Tue, Sep 18, 2018 9:30 PM (110 min)
High school senior Lily (Young) and her group of friends live in a haze of texts, social media posts, selfies, and meaningless chats—just like the rest of the world. When an anonymous hacker starts posting details from the private lives of everyone in their small town, the result is absolute madness. Lily and her friends are forced to question whether or not they’ll live through the night.
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An Audience of Chairs

Thu, Sep 20, 2018 4:00 PM (93 min)
Based on the award-winning novel by Joan Clark, An Audience of Chairs follows the heartbreaking story of Maura (Bartczak) and the aftermath that follows the incident of leaving her two young daughters unattended on an island near her summer home during a mental breakdown. Although the children are both rescued unharmed, her world slowly begins to unravel further when her husband Duncan (Jacot) makes the difficult choice to end their marriage and take the children to his native home in Scotland. In the twenty years that follow, Maura has attempted to rebuild her life by learning how to cope with her mental illness until one day she is presented with the opportunity to re-connect with her children.
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Bel Canto

Thu, Sep 20, 2018 7:00 PM (102 min)
Based on the novel by Ann Patchett, the film follows Roxanne Cross (Moore), a famous American soprano, who travels to South America to give a private concert at the birthday party of a Japanese mogul (Watanabe). The festivities are interrupted by guerrillas demanding the release of their imprisoned comrades. A lengthy standoff ensues, and, as talks drag on, bonds are formed between hostages and captors.
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Mon, Sep 17, 2018 9:30 PM (85 min)
Benjamin is a dark comedy that follows the story of Ed (Saget), who reluctantly calls together an oddball assortment of friends and family to intervene on the supposed drug habit of his 15-year-old son, Benjamin (Burkholder). In a misguided but sincere attempt to heal the dysfunctional family, it quickly becomes clear that those who are confronting Benjamin’s problem may also have many of their own. What follows is a night of finger-pointing, petty thievery, adulterous backstabbing, and a seesaw of crooked emotional revelations.
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Bloody Affairs

Wed, Sep 19, 2018 2:30 PM (8 min)
A dark and bloody drama about revenge and justice. Bloody Affairs is a Northern Connections short presentation. Bloody Affairs est un drame sombre et sanglant, une affaire de vengeance et de justice. Ce film est présenté dans le cadre du programme de courts métrages Nordicité.
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The Bookshop

Wed, Sep 19, 2018 1:30 PM (113 min)
England, 1959. Free-spirited widow Florence Green (Mortimer) risks everything to open a bookshop in a conservative East Anglian coastal town. While bringing about a surprising cultural awakening through works by Ray Bradbury and Vladimir Nabokov, she earns the polite but ruthless opposition of a local grand dame (Clarkson) and the support and affection of a reclusive book loving widower (Nighy). As Florence’s obstacles amass and bear suspicious signs of a local power struggle, she is forced to ask: is there a place for a bookshop in a town that may not want one? Based on Penelope Fitzgerald’s acclaimed novel and directed by Isabel Coixet, The Bookshop is an elegant yet incisive rendering of personal resolve, tested in the battle for the soul of a community. En 1959 dans le paisible village côtier de Hardborough, en Angleterre, la vie suit son cours on ne peut plus normal. Du moins, jusqu'au jour où Florence Green, une jeune veuve affranchie et passionnée, décide d'acheter The Old Hous
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Sun, Sep 16, 2018 11:30 AM (11 min)
When a pair of friends reconnect with an old, troubled pal and hear about his questionable new career choice, they’re forced to weigh his happiness against their beliefs. Lorsque deux amis reprennent contact avec un vieux copain troublé et découvrent son choix de carrière discutable, le bonheur de celui-ci et leurs propres valeurs sont confrontés.
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Chien de garde (Family First)

Thu, Sep 20, 2018 1:30 PM (87 min)
JP (Leduc) lives with his brother Vincent (Pellerin), his mother Joe (Guérin), and his girlfriend Mel (Laberge) in a small apartment. Constantly in a state of feeling like he is walking a tightrope, JP tries to maintain a proper balance between the numerous needs of his family, the collecting job he is doing with his brother, and his involvement in his uncle’s drug cartel. JP (Leduc) vit avec son frère Vincent (Pellerin), sa mère Joe (Guérin) et sa copine Mel (Laberge) dans un petit appartement de Verdun. Constamment sur la corde raide, il tente de conserver un équilibre entre les nombreux besoins de sa famille de qui il se sent responsable, son travail de collecteur qu'il fait avec son frère et ses fonctions dans le petit cartel de drogue de son oncle Dany, qu'il considère comme un père. Chien de garde est le premier long métrage de la jeune réalisatrice de l'Abitibi Sophie Dupuis, récompensée à plusieurs reprises pour ses courts métrages.
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The Children Act

Sun, Sep 16, 2018 11:00 AM (105 min)
Fiona Maye (Thompson) is an eminent High Court judge in London, presiding with wisdom and compassion over ethically complex cases of family law. She has paid a heavy personal price for her workload, and her marriage to American professor Jack (Tucci) is at a breaking point. In this moment of personal crisis, Fiona is asked to rule on the case of Adam (Whitehead), a brilliant boy who is refusing the blood transfusion that will save his life. Adam is three months from his 18th birthday and still legally a child—should Fiona force him to live? Fiona visits Adam in the hospital and their meeting has a profound emotional impact on them both, stirring strong new feelings in the boy and long buried feelings within herself.
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Christmas in a Box (Noël en boîte)

Tue, Sep 18, 2018 8:30 PM (98 min)
Sophie, a U.S. TV star, finds out shortly before Christmas that she is the subject of compromising photos. Under the pretext of granting the photographer an exclusive interview in exchange for the pictures, the young woman invites him to spend Christmas at her aunt’s in northern Ontario. Will Sophie successfully come to terms with her painful past?
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La chute de Sparte (The Fall of Sparta)

Sat, Sep 22, 2018 4:00 PM (84 min)
When you’re young, sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you. At least, that’s how sixteen year-old Steeve Simard (Doré) feels. Having just begun his final year at suburban Gaston-Miron High, he’s sharp-witted and bookish, and has a hard time relating to his parents and other students. He hides behind his books and music, keeping the world at bay, except for his one close friend, Virgil (St-Armand). An unexpected incident involving the Spartans’ linebacker–the biggest, toughest guy in school–forces Steeve to take charge of his own destiny.
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Sat, Sep 22, 2018 3:30 PM (115 min)
Isaac Bruno (Adams) is an astronomer obsessed with searching the cosmos for possible signs of life beyond planet Earth. Despite the collapse of his own personal life, he takes on an unqualified but spirited young research assistant named Clara (Bellisario) who helps restore his perspective on life and find a balance within his own chaotic downward spiral. Working together as a team, their research ultimately leads to an unexpectedly shocking and profound scientific discovery. This science-fiction drama is led by real-life husband and wife duo Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario. Isaac Bruno est un astronome obsédé par la recherche de signes de vie ailleurs que sur Terre. Mais tout s’effondre autour de lui, sa vie personnelle est sens dessus dessous. Il prend en charge une jeune assistante de recherche non qualifiée mais pleine d’entrain, Clara, qui vient rétablir un certain équilibre et apporte une nouvelle perspective par rapport à sa vie qui va de mal en pis. Leurs recherches réa
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