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Afro Napoli STILL 20 _thumb.jpg
Afro-Napoli United (Loro Di Napoli)
Thu, Nov 17, 2016 4:40 PM (75 min)
Antonio Gargiulo is the president of Afro-Napoli, a spirited soccer team of second-generation Italians and immigrants from Africa and South America. Antonio has a dream: for his guys to play in the federal soccer championships. He would do anything to enroll his team in the Third League and coach them to a win. But players Lello, Maxime, and Adam lack identity documents, which are required if they are going to play, as the bureaucratic machine stalls in delivering their certificates of residence. Documentary filmmaker Pierfrancesco Li Donni constructs his story around these dynamic players and also the city of Naples—its language, its sounds, and its rhythms. The characters entrust themselves completely to the gaze of the camera, which allows Li Donni to bring their lives into sharp relief. He masterfully blends the players’ private lives—bound by the unsustainable condition of their stateless person status—with their collective experiences on the field, where the squad comes face to
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ANNA- Valeria Golino (2) copy2_thumb.jpeg
Anna (Per Amor Vostro)
Sun, Nov 20, 2016 1:00 PM (110 min)
Anna (Valeria Golino) is a sad yet vivacious woman caught in the claustrophobic confines of her small seaside apartment, her difficult marriage, and her job as a cue card writer for a telenova. But when she falls in love with the soap opera's handsome leading man Michele (Adriano Giannini), the clouds looming over her psyche start to lift and her world suddenly seems brighter. Set in the shifting light and incendiary emotions of Neapolitan life, director Giuseppe M. Gaudino uses tinted colors and music to convey Anna’s journey from immobilization to a spark of self-confidence, which she nurtures with the help of her new affair. Flashbacks to her courageous youth, when she was the brave child chosen to descend from a church tower on a rope and wearing angel's wings for a religious holiday, are interspersed with scenes of her daily life in which she struggles to balance her rebellious children, her explosive husband, and her fantasy-inducing job. Gaudino’s romantic drama brims with quir
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B. The Beginners_germano_berges-frisbey  copy_thumb.jpg
The Beginners (Alaska)
Sat, Nov 19, 2016 6:10 PM (125 min)
Nadine (Astrid Bergès Frisbey) is an aspiring model, a beautiful young French woman, determined to break into the Paris fashion scene. Fausto (Elio Germano), a bold Italian, is trying to make it in Paris as a hotel waiter. They meet, serendipitously, when they sneak out onto the roof of the hotel for a cigarette. From their first encounter, Fausto and Nadine recognize each other: fragile, alone, and obsessed with proving their worth, hopeful that one day, life will offer them something better than the marginal existence they have inherited. Director Claudio Cupellini creates memorable characters in these two people who possess nothing, except for their bodies and the chemistry that ignites between them. Over five years—during which they both experience the blackest depths of desperation and the highest peaks of social success—Fausto and Nadine continue to cross paths, lose sight of each other, and then return to the siren song of amour fou. The choice between a great love and the seduc
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2. (L-R) Margherita Buy e Claudia Gerini (2) in BEST ENEMIES copy 2_thumb.jpg
Best Enemies Forever (Nemiche Per La Pelle)
Wed, Nov 16, 2016 9:00 PM (92 min)
What would happen if two eternal foes—women with different lifestyles and characters—had to share the most incredible inheritance: their ex-husband Paolo’s son, conceived with a stranger no longer in the picture? Luca Lucini’s Best Enemies Forever offers a charming answer. This buoyant comedy stars Margherita Buy as Lucia, an animal psychologist, and Claudia Gerini as driven real estate developer Fabiola, the ex-wives who never stopped competing for Paolo’s love and affection. They thought his funeral would be the last moment they would ever have to spend together. Then they discover that Paolo has bequeathed them joint custody of his young son, Paolo, Jr. (Jaspar Cabal), thereby binding age-old adversaries together forever. Hilarious hijinks ensue as both Lucia and Fabiola, each quirky and novice mothers, begin the journey of unexpected parenthood without a user manual. Fabiola thinks that Lucia is completely without fashion sense and Lucia thinks that Fabiola doesn’t know how to play
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DON'T BE BAD 1_thumb.jpeg
Don’t Be Bad (Non Essere Cattivo)
Fri, Nov 18, 2016 9:00 PM (100 min)
Don’t Be Bad bursts off the screen with the tale of best friends Cesare (Luca Marinelli) and Vittorio (Alessandro Borghi), two volatile young men from Ostia—a place where narrow employment opportunities lie between the building trades and dealing drugs. The late cult director Claudio Caligari (Toxic Love, The Scent of Night) creates a searing portrait of friendship between men who consider themselves brothers. Set in the very town where Paolo Pasolini gave life to his characters in all their suffering, this Pasolini-esque drama follows Cesare and Vittorio as they snort, drink, and rut their days away. They are jealous of their girlfriends and trust no one but each other. After a drug trip, Vittorio confronts the depth of his self-loathing; he then tries to leave behind his career as a petty criminal and picks up a trowel instead of a gun. In Cesare eyes, Vittorio’s efforts at self-improvement are a betrayal, but Vittorio's attempt to improve his lot is a matter of survival. Against al
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2. Mulu Ayele, Ethiopian Italian radio host  IOIWTW copy_thumb.jpg
If Only I Were That Warrior
Sat, Nov 19, 2016 1:45 PM (72 min)
On August 12, 2012, the municipality of Affile (near Rome) inaugurated a monument dedicated to Rodolfo Graziani, a fascist general during the 1935 Ethiopian War and first viceroy of the colony. Ethiopians across the world protested. Some of his hometown compatriots still see him as a hero, while Ethiopians and many Italians revile Graziani for the war crimes he and others committed in support of Mussolini’s imperial ambitions. Director Valerio Ciriaci expertly interweaves different points of view, ordinary life stories, and archival photographs, searching for history’s repercussions as well as the facts. The film’s three main interviewees are complex and fascinating characters: Mulu Ayele, an Ethiopian Italian activist, host of a radio show, and a straight shooter who provides her community with news and information about the protests; Mauro Canali, a self-made historian living in Ethiopia, who never feels alone in that country, because he “feels the presence of the Italians who were h
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The Invisible Player (Il Giocatore Invisibile)
Thu, Nov 17, 2016 9:10 PM (100 min)
Professor Nari is an eminent university professor in Pisa slandered by a mysterious anonymous letter “accusing” him of making a banal error in an article about betrayal. Who could hate him so much as to denounce him publicly? In this masterfully shot drama, suspicion turns into obsession and not even his dalliance with the young Olivia can assuage his anxiety about the loyalty of the people who surround him. Nari’s wife Anna betrays him with a former student, while Professor Daverio—Nari’s departmental nemesis and rival for Anna’s love—appears a likely suspect. Once sure of Daverio’s “guilt,” Professor Nari grows increasingly uncertain of his attacker’s identity. The Invisible Player, Stefano Alpini’s riveting drama (and first narrative feature), is based on the novel of the same name by Giuseppe Pontiggia. Enhanced by Pisa’s beauty and a driving sound score, this taut narrative effectively demonstrates how an accusation can trap a man in the mystery of his own mind. Alpini’s film del
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2. (Center) Francesco Scianna in LATIN LOVER copy 2_thumb.jpg
Latin Lover (Latin Lover)
Sat, Nov 19, 2016 9:10 PM (104 min)
Sparks fly when the wives and daughters of fictional 1950s Italian star Saverio Crispo (Francesco Scianna) gather to remember him. Cristina Comencini’s comic drama sports an all-star cast, including ex-wives Ramona (Marisa Paredes) and Rita (veteran Italian actress Virna Lisi). The late Crispo was an unabashed womanizer whose peripatetic work resulted in five daughters born all over the world. The daughters are like strangers and—whether they want to admit it or not—this is the one opportunity they have to finally get to know each other. Susanna (Angela Finocchiaro), the oldest daughter, busies herself preparing clips from her father’s movies. Stéphanie (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), a French actress, feels like she's been neglected. Segunda (Candela Pena), whose mother Ramona is an actress, finds shelter in her role as mother and wife. Shelley (Nadeah Miranda), Saverio's American daughter, was only recognized by her father after a DNA test. Last comes Solveig (Pihla Viitala) a beautiful Sw
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LEGENDARY GIULIA [3] copy_thumb.jpg
The Legendary Giulia And Other Miracles
Sun, Nov 20, 2016 3:30 PM (115 min)
Diego, a car salesman (Luca Argentero); Claudio, a failed store owner (Stefano Fresi); and Fausto, a watch pitchman (Edoardo Leo), are three unlikely partners thrown together by circumstance when they make a last minute decision to buy an old property and turn it into an agro-tourism inn. Joining them in their efforts are left-wing jack-of-all-trades Sergio (Claudio Amendola) and Claudio's wacky (and pregnant) former employee Elisa (Anna Foglietta). The men soon discover the plumbing needs work, and worse: Local gangsters want to be their business partners. When Vito, a classical music loving Camorrista (Carlo Buccirosso) shows up in an old Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300, the partners respond creatively. Anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving that 9-to5 day job in pursuit of the bucolic life of the countryside will admire the comic antics of the four innkeepers—and the young woman who can cook and decorate circles around them. Based on Fabio Bartolomei's book Giulia 1300 E Altri Miracoli, The
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