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A Man for All Seasons presented by All Classical
All Classical Portland and Edmund Stone of The Score present a rare 35mm film, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, the Oscar winning adaptation of Robert Bolt's play about Sir Thomas More’s epic confrontation with Henry VIII, and Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power. Considered one of the finest films of all-time due to its impeccable casting, superb acting, rich screenplay, and beautiful cinematography, the movie is a provocative study in contrasts. The original New York Times review of the film noted, "Within such magnificent settings as only England itself could provide to convey the resplendence and color of the play's 16th-century mise en scène, and with Paul Scofield playing Sir Thomas, Robert Shaw bringing to life a young and vital Henry VIII, Mr. Zinnemann has crystallized the essence of this drama in such pictorial terms as to render even its abstractions vibrant... A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS is a picture that inspires admiration, courage and thought."
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Film Info
Run Time:130 Min
Sat, Apr 25 2:00 PM
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ALIVE INSIDE: Music & Memory
ALIVE INSIDE is a joyous cinematic exploration of music’s capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity. Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett chronicles the astonishing experiences of individuals around the country who have been revitalized through the simple experience of listening to music. His camera reveals the uniquely human connection we find in music and how its healing power can triumph where prescription medication falls short.
Sun, Jun 7 4:00 PM
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Animate It!
GIFs are one of the oldest image formats used on the web, and now, decades after the first GIF was created, they are experiencing an explosion of interest and innovation that is pushing them into the terrain of art. Students will use Photoshop to create one of a kind animated GIFs that will have a final look that is as diverse and unique as their own imagination! Instructor: John Whitten
Series:One-Day Workshops
Workshop Info
Length:One day
Age Range:7-13 years old
Food:Snacks included
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Sat, Apr 25 10:00 AM
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Arts Exit Documentary Fundraiser
Arts Exit is a documentary about the disappearance of the arts from Portland Public Schools and the quest to save it. Join us for a fundraising event to help finish this film, including a sneak peek clip from the film, a live musical performance from our featured student artist, Alexis Whitney, and more!
Sun, Apr 26 4:30 PM
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B Movie Bingo_thumb.jpg
Wolf Choir Presents B Movie Bingo Featuring Omega Cop
B Movie Bingo is a game that is exactly like it sounds. OR MORE. It’s simple. We play bingo to the most awesome movie cliches ever committed to celluloid, like: “LONG BORING SCENE OR MALE PONY TALE,” “TEAMED UP WITH ROOKIE OR ANIMAL ” and “WHITE SUIT OR TROPICAL ENDING.” For maybe the first time in a theater, see the relatives and employees of A-list actors you know and love like Sylvester Stallone, whose brother bears a remarkable resemblance to him. Compete for prizes! Yell at your fellow movie nerds over the elusive and mysterious “BLANK SQUARE!” Relax: it’s B-MOVIE BINGO.
Fri, May 29 9:30 PM
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Battlestar Galactica Holiday Special
Re-Run Theater presents what is easily the strangest episode of the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA television series. In 1978, TV Executives caught wind of a rival network airing a so called “Star Wars Holiday Special” around the beginning of the Christmas Season. Because they had a similar, very popular Space Epic franchise, they decided that there should be a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Holiday Special” in the form of an episode that would seem appropriate. In response to their request, Series Creator Glen A. Larson gave them “War of the Gods”, a two part episode about Ships of Light, that may have malevolent purposes, menacing the Galactica and its ragtag fugitive fleet. From a seemingly barren planet, a super being emerges, claiming that he will feed them, lead them to Earth and defeat both the Cylons and the Evil Ships of Light, if they decide to follow him. Featuring space basketball, angelic aliens, disco cylons and a suave Satan along with vintage TV commercials from the 1970s!
Series:Re-Run Theater
Film Info
Run Time:120 minutes
Wed, Apr 22 7:30 PM
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Blade Runner
A 35mm print of the director’s cut of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Blade Runner (1982) In a cyberpunk vision of the future, man has developed the technology to create replicants, human clones used to serve in the colonies outside Earth but with fixed lifespans. In Los Angeles, 2019, Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a Blade Runner, a cop who specializes in terminating replicants. Originally in retirement, he is forced to re-enter the force when four replicants escape from an off-world colony to Earth. Co-starring Sean Young, Daryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos and Rutger Hauer.
Series:Regular Programming
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Film Info
Genre:Science Fiction
Cast & Crew
Director:Ridley Scott
Cast:Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young
Tue, Apr 21 9:30 PM
Wed, Apr 22 9:30 PM
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Bloodsport in Hecklevision
“What the hell is a Dim Mak?” The man, the myth, the Belgian: Jean-Claude Van Damme graces Hecklevision with possibly his crowning achievement, the 1988 martial-arts cult classic, BLOODSPORT. Produced by the legendary Golan-Globus, who were responsible for most of the selections worth your time on 1980s video store shelves, BLOODSPORT combines uncompromisingly brutal fight scenes with unabashedly bad acting.
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Run Time:92 Min
Fri, Apr 24 9:30 PM
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Everything Is Terrible Legends_thumb.jpg
Everything is Terrible! LEGENDS
Once a millenium, something emerges from the darkest corner of the universe and enlightens us to the true meaning of being. Something so mystical, so magical, and so mind-splitting that all concepts before its existence sound stupid and boring. Of course, we are talking about Everything Is Terrible!
Thu, May 28 7:00 PM
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