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A Way Forward_thumb.jpg
A Way Forward
Something as simple as two wheels empowers three young women to not only pursue their own dreams, but inspire others to do the same.
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An unnoticed dance studio caretaker's love for a beautiful dance instructor, ignites his journey of self identity.
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Battlestar Abstractica
The sci-fi classic TV series transformed into a kaleidoscopic optical fantasy of Cylons and lasers.
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Be Fabulous_thumb.jpg
Be Fabulous, First stop: Sexitude
Sexitude, a body-positive, sex-positive, age-positive dance class where participants definitely know how to werk a look in neon spandex.
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Being Seen_thumb.jpg
Being Seen
People living with "developmental disabilities" speak candidly, shattering preconceptions of who they are and how they think about themselves and the world.
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Birdy Wouaf Wouaf_thumb.jpg
Birdy Wouaf Wouaf
An adorable bird used to be pampered by his mother and father — until the day he starts barking.
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Bone Guitar_thumb.jpg
Bone Guitar
An old, worn out guitar is 'reclaimed' by the spirit that resides within it's hollow body.
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A film about the two sweeting things in life: sex and sweets.
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The Counselor_thumb.jpg
The Counselor
At a crisis center in late 1971, a freshly minted counselor on the late shift takes his first call: a suicidal teenager whose parents won’t let her come home for Christmas.
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