Saturday April 22 2017
Love and Larceny_thumb.jpg
Love and Larceny (Il mattatore)
Sat, Apr 22 1:00 PM (104 min)
Risi’s wonderfully enjoyable episodic comedy, starring Vittorio Gassman as the chameleonic actor who disguises his passion for thievery and Peppino De Filippo as his accomplice, was filmed in Rome and its newly erected suburbs, reflecting a city undergoing rampant (and rampantly corrupt) growth.
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Scent of a Woman_thumb.jpg
Scent of a Woman (Profumo di donn)
Sat, Apr 22 3:30 PM (103 min)
In Risi’s Oscar-nominated box-office hit—remade in an American version with Al Pacino in 1992—Vittorio Gassman plays a lecherous cad (as only he can), but the carefree exuberance he showed in The Easy Life shades here, some 20 years later, into mercilessly funny misanthropy.
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Easy Life_thumb.jpg
The Easy Life (Il sorpasso)
Sat, Apr 22 6:00 PM (108 min)
The Easy Life is Italian comedy at its best—hedonistic, ironically detached, and at times vicious and gloomy. A consummate road movie, Risi’s masterpiece charts the fickle
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Commedia all’Italiana Party
Sat, Apr 22 8:30 PM (75 min)
The Commedia all’Italiana Party at DINO RISI - A Film Series is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a real Italian festivity. Every year Italian chef Rudy Duran crafts authentic Italian recipes prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients: this year the refreshment focuses on Tuscan culinary tradition as well as Italian delicacies provided by our affectionate sponsors. Besides the excellent menu, the party includes delicious Italian wine and drinks, special guests and other surprises! Don’t miss this event that has become a relevant part of the film series for the audience and all Italian lovers.
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15 from Rome_thumb.jpg
15 from Rome (I mostri)
Sat, Apr 22 10:00 PM (118 min)
The ultimate Italian omnibus film, with no fewer than 20 episodes depicting, as director Dino Risi put it, ‘a distrust in humanity’ resulting from the Italian economic boom of the late 1950s.
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