Quenottes (Pearlies)
In parts of Europe, the Tooth Fairy takes the form of a clever little mouse...
Fri, Feb 10 6:00 PM
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Cycle (Suzharchi)
A young man waiting at the airport finds a book filled with detailed instructions on how to pull off an assortment of con jobs.
Fri, Feb 10 6:15 PM
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Devil Snail
A minion of Lucifer wanders the countryside, killing Christians with the help of a demonic snail.
Fri, Feb 10 6:30 PM
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Worm Food
After seeing a dehydrated worm flail underneath the burning sun, an elderly woman suddenly becomes obsessed with protecting these seemingly insignificant creatures.
Fri, Feb 10 6:30 PM
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FanfilmStar Wars The Secret of Tatooine (Fanfilm Star Wars Le Secret deTatooine)
Obiwan Kenobi is exiled on Tatooine to watch over the young Luke Skywalker.
Fri, Feb 10 6:45 PM
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Horseshoe Theory
A weapons deal between a white supremacist and a member of the Islamic State blossoms into more.
Fri, Feb 10 7:00 PM
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Goutte d'Or
As a pirate enters the Kingdom of the Dead he encounters its beautiful Queen.
Fri, Feb 10 7:15 PM
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Birds with Human Heads
In a handmade utopia, a girl receives her first tattoo from her friend while they explore a dream.
Fri, Feb 10 7:30 PM
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new soul_thumb.jpg
New Soul
What if, before you were born, you had to pick your fate?
Fri, Feb 10 7:45 PM
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Attractive Force
A Russian cosmonaut crash-lands on a planet inhabited by intelligent, but amorphous creatures.
Fri, Feb 10 8:00 PM
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Alan (Johnny Vegas) searches for answers in all the wrong places and this time he thinks he's found them...on the internet in the form of a highly trained deadly assassin.
Fri, Feb 10 8:15 PM
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A brave Pakistani soldier goes to great lengths to protect his homeland from invaders and enemies in this world.
Fri, Feb 10 8:30 PM
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The Suit
What happens when a superhero grows weary of his work?
Sat, Feb 11 5:00 PM
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jef needs ice cream_thumb.jpg
Jef Needs Ice Cream
First, Jef needs to rid his deceased friend's apartment of all incriminating evidence before the parents arrive to pack up...
Sat, Feb 11 5:30 PM
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I Dare You
A group of friends decide to play a dare game: dare to go inside a quarantined area and dare to bring back proof of an actual zombie encounter.
Sat, Feb 11 5:45 PM
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It's a Date
Everyone is an alien at first
Sat, Feb 11 6:00 PM
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lure (1)_thumb.jpg
Sat, Feb 11 6:15 PM
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The Object
A young woman is transformed into a savior.
Sat, Feb 11 6:30 PM
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A bounty hunter delivers the mysterious Crimson Key to an underground syndicate on Jupiter's moon, Ganymede in this Sci-Fi, unscripted, martial arts short.
Sat, Feb 11 7:00 PM
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Zerch asks his boyfriend Cano to do something terrible for him. Cano, driven by a powerful love, agrees without knowing he is about to sacrifice more than he imagined.
Sat, Feb 11 7:30 PM
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Three HP Lovecraft Films
An omnibus of three tales, "The Music of Erich Zann," "Cool Air," and "Pickman's Model."
Sat, Feb 11 7:45 PM
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A low criminal makes his move against an old friend, and must deal with the consequences.
Sat, Feb 11 8:00 PM
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Story 304
It's business as usual at Storytellers Corp.™--until a burnt-out Narrator decides to break into Story 304.
Sat, Feb 11 8:15 PM
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Smirnoff Sound Collective - Tribes (Episode 3): Dirtybird
The new 14-minute documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the members of DIRTYBIRD, an American house record label originally based out of San Francisco, and now Los Angeles.
Sat, Feb 11 8:45 PM
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cruel forgiveness_thumb.jpg
Cruel Forgiveness (Cruel Perdon)
After his aunt takes over his care, Diego starts getting mysteriously sick...
Sun, Feb 12 11:00 AM
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Knock! (Knack!)
Who's there?!
Sun, Feb 12 11:15 AM
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riptide rhapsody_thumb.jpg
Riptide Rhapsody
Five furry and fluffy friends are swept out to sea and into an amazing adventure. They encounter sea monsters, robots, and mutants in this stylistically inventive and hand-made animation.
Sun, Feb 12 11:30 AM
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Oh, the things that get stuck in our heads.
Sun, Feb 12 11:45 AM
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In a world where his third eye has WiFi, a young man must exorcise his demons before he can truly love his super hot girlfriend.
Sun, Feb 12 11:45 AM
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What if we got off on the wrong foot
Tiffany, an innocent, slightly awkward girl, is abducted by a human trafficking ring.
Sun, Feb 12 12:00 PM
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Night of the Slasher (Night of the Slasher12)
A 'shot-in-one-take' slasher film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and exact revenge.
Sun, Feb 12 12:30 PM
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A Spring Before Winter
An atomic physicist stationed in a remote monitoring station, reflects on the war that took her son, and the inevitable cycle of paranoia that she sees coming with the Soviets as a source of mysterious radiation is detected.
Sun, Feb 12 12:45 PM
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A man's apocalyptic dreams lead him to a remote farmhouse.
Sun, Feb 12 1:00 PM
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Experiments in Non-Cinema
Spencer and Noah Explore the Magic of Cinema
Sun, Feb 12 1:15 PM
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Scary Little Fuckers
A widower visits a quaint little shop, and buys some strange critters for his teenaged son's Christmas present.
Sun, Feb 12 1:30 PM
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Hilbert's consciousness can be in two worlds at the same time.
Sun, Feb 12 2:00 PM
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A pizza delivery girl plays a deadly initiation game in order to join the punk hacker gang who killed her father.
Sun, Feb 12 2:15 PM
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Palmer's Pickup B&W poster 2_thumb.jpg
Palmers Pickup
A strange suburban odyssey with legendary George Kushar.

A live virtual Q&A with Christopher Coppola will take place after the 'Palmer's Pick-up' screening in AltspaceVR
Sun, Feb 12 2:30 PM
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