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Hosted by Josh Macuga & Ricardo Martinez
Monday, Feb 7, 2011 8:00 PM
Rebekah Kochan, Drew Barth, Hasan Minhaj, Anna Akana, James Davis, The Wait List & Casual Mafia!
MTV SEEKS TO BRING THE MUSIC BACK TO MTV in 2011! "BRING THE MUSIC BACK" will feature comedians, singers, and "youtube" personalities raising money and awareness for Music on MTV.

The West Coast MTV Talent and Casting team is proud to present the MTV WINTER COMEDY SHOWCASE on Monday, FEB 7 at 8:00PM at The Laugh Factory. Featuring new comedians and talented performers from across the West Coast, please join us as we kick-off the year and try to force the execs to bring back music videos to our network, and feature talent. Not everybody can smush on a whim. Hosted by the lovable Josh Macuga and Ricardo Martinez, BRING BACK THE MUSIC is a benefit that will shame VH1. Expect surprises all night long, we have music videos and live sketches, young standups, and even a jaw dropping musical performance from HelenaMaria. Josh and Ricardo may break into song, and The Wait List may actually do something ... on stage.

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