New York Voices Live

Live from the MCG Stage!


Concert Information
Musicians:Darmon Meader
Peter Eldridge
Lauren Kinhan
Kim Nazarian
Genre:Vocal Jazz


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“New York Voices lives up to its reputation as the most exciting vocal ensemble in current collect such quality voices in one group is rare enough, yet the real trick of New York Voices is how well they mesh…” — Boston Herald

“It’s certainly not something that occurred to us when we were thinking about starting a band in 1988,” says Darmon Meader, musical director and tenor singer of New York Voices, about the seminal vocal ensemble’s 30th anniversary. “But the band has a momentum of its own—it has a life now.” Indeed, that momentum and life force has a firm grip on Meader and his bandmates, baritone Peter Eldridge and dual sopranos Lauren Kinhan and Kim Nazarian. Each has a separate and busy career of his or her own, working as a soloist and educator in the jazz vocal world, but each makes New York Voices their top priority.

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