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Stand Up Stand Up Presents: Mateen Stewart
Laugh Factory Chicago
Thursday, Jan 4, 2018 8:00 PM
Featuring Mateen Stewart, Ed Towns, Aaron Sutherland and more comedians to be announced!
HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! We're starting off on a real good foot with a super rare lineup that'll be really hard to beat. Our headliner is a show favorite: the illustrious MATEEN STEWART!!! When this dude is in town we always make sure to get him on, and for the first time ever we get to have him for a full 30 minutes! You've seen him on Kimmel, HBO's Last Week Tonight, commercials, clubs, and theaters all over the country. He's one of the best touring comics in the business, and we're incredibly lucky to have him. Featuring Detroit's favorite son that moved out, Mike O'Keefe, with the return of Aaron Sutherland, our own Todd Massey, a surprise guest, and the hosting debut of Ed Towns! This is gonna be really cool and tite and fresh. Probably shouldn't set the bar this high tbh. Not even fair to us.

Mateen Stewart (HBO, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, all over television)
Mike O'Keefe (Chicago stalwart, cute boi)
Aaron Sutherland (Upcoming one-man show Chicago Villainois)
Todd Massey (Blackout Diarie
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