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Stand Up Stand Up Presents: Todd Massey
Laugh Factory Chicago
Thursday, Feb 1, 2018 8:00 PM
a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition.
Todd Massey.
singular proper noun: Todd of Avon; noun: the Todd
Todd tulry is a bard for modern times, spinning tales of drunken, oft drug-induced events that couldn't have possibly happened to anyone but himself. Toddy boi is a founding father of this great show, a seasoned veteran of life, and one of the funniest people in town. We're super stoked to give you all 30 straight minutes of sassy Massey. Come see our boy.

Jake McKenzie (Cherry Slimeade (in stores soon!), SUSU daddy)
Ed Towns (Our newest member and straight up killer)
Liz Greenwood (Up-and-coming Chicago comic you can't miss)
Nate Simmons (Back from NYC, Malort Court)
Keith Paesel (SUSU founder, Rat Tales)
and your host
Michael Robinson (SUSU boi and Whoopi Goldberg impersonator)

Age restriction: 18 years and over 2 drink minimum per person (can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage)
Featuring Jake McKenzie, Ed Towns, Keith Pa
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