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The Roast of Mario
Laugh Factory Chicago
Sunday, Jan 7, 2018 9:00 PM
Featuring Andy Fleming, Tyler Jackson and more comedians to be announced!
Put the Switch away for the night, because on January 7, the Chicago Laugh Factory is hosting The Roast of Mario! Everyone's favorite Italian stereotype will be in the hotseat of a Comedy Central-style roast, featuring sets by Sonic, Donkey Kong, Link, and much more (with each character played by one of Chicago's best and meanest stand-up comedians). This show is DEFINITELY not for children.

Buy tickets early, because they'll be twice the price at the door!

Character Assassination is a roast show at Chicago's Laugh Factory that puts historical figures and beloved pop culture personalities in the hotseat. Stacked against a ruthless panel of their peers, these roasts turn into a battle of the wits limited only by the imagination. Every show features top comedians, writing and performing in character and in costume as a wild roasting dais of popular icons with one goal in mind: to tear each other to shreds. Character Assassination is a sister show of Character Assassination Louisville,
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