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The Thing
Saturday, Oct 31, 2015 11:30 PM
A team of scientists confront a blood-thirsty, shape-shifting alien in the deepest reaches of Antarctica.
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Admission Adult - $11.75
Admission Students w/ Valid ID (up to 25 years) - $10.00
Admission Seniors (65 +) with Valid ID - $10.00
Admission Child (12 and Under) - $8.00

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It came from outer space! A team of American scientists exploring Antarctica discover a sinister alien lifeform that can replicate the appearance of anyone and possesses a maniacal thirst for killing. Based on John Campbell’s chilling short story Who Goes There?, John Carpenter’s The Thing is a sci-fi horror cult classic whose claustrophobic and paranoid atmosphere terrifies to this day. While it features a who’s who cast of macho men led by Kurt Russell, the true star is the bloody disgusting special effects by Rob Bottin, who spent 10% of the film’s $15 million creating wildly inventive and sickening creatures.

Film Info
Release Year:1982
Director:John Carpenter
Format:2K DCP