An Evening with Bill Daniel - TRI-X NOISE & WHO IS BOZO TEXINO?


Ped Mall -Scene 1 Sat, Apr 4, 2015 6:30 PM


Special Presentation. An Evening with Bill Daniel

"In his work, Daniel is attracted to outsiders in the most literal sense--people who live on the outside of civilization, for whom, in Daniel's eyes, mere survival is an act of artistic expression." -RES Magazine

Texas-born, San Francisco exile, and confirmed tramp Bill Daniel continues to experiment with survivalism and bricolage in his attempts to record and report on the various social margins he finds himself in. As part of his visit to Iowa City, Daniel brings with him his TRI-X NOISE pop-up photo show comprised of 30 years of 35mm photographs beginning with the early 80s punk scene in Texas, featuring all of your favorite old school punk bands. The exhibit, all non-digital darkroom prints, charts a path starting with punk shows in Texas, and crawls through various subcultures from 90s graffiti scene in San Francisco, freight hopping scenarios, art openings in Los Angeles, house shows in Louisiana, generator shows on the Monogohela River, etc...all seen through Daniel's unique, spelunker flash-lit vision.

Daniel will also present his acclaimed film WHO IS BOZO TEXINO? which follows Daniel's 16-year search for the source of a ubiquitous and mythic graffiti seen on railcars for more than 80 years. Using Super-8 and 16mm cameras while riding the tracks, Daniel reveals an underground universe of hobo and railworker graffiti, and discovers the roots of a folkloric tradition that has gone mostly unnoticed for a century.

"Cinematographic song of praise to the self-imposed life of a hobo. The film focuses on the quest for the eminent Bozo Texino, whose tag decorated trains all over the country for 80 years. In beautiful black & white, to the rhythm of train wheels and country music, Daniel portrays passionate people who have turned away from the establishment and it's rules." -International Film Festival Rotterdam