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St. Anthony Main Theatre 5 Fri, Apr 10, 2015 2:15 PM
St. Anthony Main Theatre 4 Mon, Apr 20, 2015 8:40 PM
Film Info
Premiere Status:Regional Premiere
English Title:Alive
Programs:Asian Frontiers
Voice Category:Film on the Fringe
Release Year:2014
Type:Narrative Feature
Country/Region:South Korea
Director:Park Jungbum
Producer:Park Jungbum
Kim Youngjin
Jang Byungwon
Jay Jeong
Lee Sangyong
Cinematographer:Kim Jongsun
Editor:Jo Hyunju
Principal Cast:Park Jungbum
Lee Seungyeon
Park Myunghoon
Shin Heatbit
Screenwriter:Park Jungbum
Filmography:The Journals of Musan


Park Jung-bum’s second feature is Sisyphean tale of epic proportion, addressing the crushing personal effects of economic and social marginalization. Park casts himself in the lead role of Jung-cheol, a man at the bottom of the economic ladder but not for his lack of hard work and perseverance. Jung-cheol fights day in and day out to create a better life for himself, his mentally distressed sister, and her young daughter. Gritty and powerful in its simplicity, Alive is a tour de force on human tenacity.