Next to Her

At Li Layla


St. Anthony Main Theatre 4 Wed, Apr 15, 2015 2:30 PM
St. Anthony Main Theatre 1 Mon, Apr 20, 2015 9:40 PM
Film Info
English Title:Next to Her
Program:World Cinema
Voice Category:Drama-rama!
Release Year:2014
Type:Narrative Feature
Festivals & Awards:Best Film – Haifa Film Festival
Winner of the New Directors Competition - Chicago International Film Festival
Best Supporting Actress Dana Ivgy - Israeli Film Academy
Print Source:Films Boutique
Director:Asaf Korman
Producer:Moshe Edery
Leon Edery
Yigal Mograbi
Haim Mecklberg
Estee Yacov-Mecklberg
Cinematographer:Amit Yasour
Editor:Shira Hochman
Asaf Korman
Principal Cast:Liron Ben Shlush
Dana Ivgy
Yaakov Zada Daniel
Sophia Ostrisky
Screenwriter:Liron Ben Schlush
Sari Ezouz Berger


In this strikingly shot, intensely performed film, Chelli is a pretty security guard who is raising her mentally disabled younger sister Gabby on her own. Although Chelli hates the idea of putting Gabby in any kind of institution, she has no qualms about locking her in the flat and leaving her alone while she’s at work. Her attitude is that Gabby is hers, and that she knows what’s best for her. While Gabby’s problems are plain to see, it slowly becomes clear that Chelli has major co-dependency issues. The two twenty-something women dwell in an intimate, feral state with no personal boundaries, until Chelli’s co-worker Zohar literally comes between them.