Shorts 2: In Someone Else's Shoes



St. Anthony Main Theatre 4 Sun, Apr 12, 2015 1:20 PM
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English Title:Shorts 2: In Someone Else's Shoes
Program:Shorts Programs
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MN Made
Voice Category:Panorama


Not Done Loving
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 20 min
Director: Jeff Brandt | Producer(s): Jeff Brandt, Jennifer Brandt
Cinematographer(s): Scott Cohen, Randy Johnson, Jeff Brandt
Editor(s): Jeff Brandt, Adam Lusch

A loud Greek woman moves into a sleepy Scandinavian town and the reserved townspeople are drawn to her zest for life. When she develops cancer, they fight for her in a wonderful and unexpected way.

Growing Home
Country: USA, Jordan | Language: Arabic | 2014 | Runtime: 22 min
Director: Faisal Attrache | Producer: Heidi Hathaway
Screenwriter(s): Faisal Attrache, Heidi Hathaway
Cinematographer: Ty Arnold
Editor: Faisal Attrache

Samer, a displaced Syrian barber, has taken refuge along with his young family in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Despite filling his time with meaningful work, caring for his family and improving his living conditions, the daily distractions cannot diminish his desire to return home.

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Putting the Ribbon Back On
Country: USA | Language: English | 2015 | Runtime: 20 min
Director: Richard Louprasong

An unlikely victim of HIV finds her greatest gift when she builds a camp for families affected by this disease.

The Album
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 15 min
Director: Ray Rea | Producer: Ray Rea

The Album pays homage to a photo album created by a Gay Great Uncle. The film contrasts the eloquent silence of Pre-Stonewall discretion with the 'out, loud, and proud' of today's Queer/Trans scene.

Blue Eyes, Twenty One Days Of China
Country: China | Language: Chinese, English | 2013 | Runtime: 21 min
Director: Yida Ji | Producer: Yida Ji
Cinematographer: Yida Ji
Editor: Yida Ji

Luke Helgeson who spends most of his life in a small town called Duluth. In the summer of 2013 he travels to China. In twenty one days he crosses 6 provinces 8 cities, but he is facing some of the biggest challenges in his life...