Shorts 3: Short Stories for the Big Screen



St. Anthony Main Theatre 4 Sun, Apr 12, 2015 4:10 PM
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English Title:Shorts 3: Short Stories for the Big Screen
Program:Shorts Programs
Dark Comedy
MN Made
Filmmaker/Guest Attending
Voice Category:The Edge
Type:Short Documentary
Short Narrative


Night Shift
Country: UK | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 13 min
Director: Richard Higson | Producer(s): Alex Gavigan, Natasha Phelan
Screenwriter(s): Richard Higson | Cinematographer: Benjamin Baily
Editor: Emma Collins
Principle Cast: Tom Bennett, Catrin Stewart, David Schaal, Don Warrington, Daniel Hawksford, Stefano Elfi DiClaudia, Tino Orsini

"An easy kidnap in the country', they said. Lenny and Chris head to a mysterious manor house for a special job. But it gets complicated. Very complicated..."

Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 12 min
Director: James Curry | Producer: James Curry
Screenwriter: James Curry | Cinematographer: Scott Adkins
Editor: James Curry
Principle Cast: James Curry, Kim Ly Pham, William Borea, Rich Remedios, David Crowley, Mitch Heil

Alonzo Rey has returned home early from his flight via taxi unbeknownst to his girlfriend Hoa Linh to face a set of old problems. While Hoa sleeps inside, Alonzo enters her house. Hoa thinks a stranger has entered her home and dials 911 before discovering it's Alonzo. When officers respond and enter Hoa's home to verify the validity of their relations, Detective Ruby and his partner Walsh join the affair to settle an old score.

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Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 8 min
Director: Alexander Kohnstamm | Producer: Alexander Kohnstamm, Dylan Thomson, Robert Edwards V
Screenwriter(s): Alexander Kohnstamm, Dylan Thomson, Robert Edwards V
Cinematographer: Alec Schwandt | Editor: Frank White IV
Principle Cast: Amanda Day, Kenton Holden, Shawn Dunbar, Matt Roy, Wade Everett, Kendra Tanberg, Armin Habibovich

A waitress (Amanda Day) for a mafia run bar, discovers her boss's (Kenton Holden) secret, and must protect her own.

The Place Where You Live
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 15 min
Director(s): Alexis Van Hurkman | Producer: Alexis Van Hurkman
Screenwriter: Alexis Van Hurkman | Cinematographer: Bo Hakela
Editor: Alexis Van Hurkman
Principle Cast: Dawn Krosnowski, John Bruce, Lana Rosario

A professor of physics is abducted by her counterpart from an alternate dimension--one where her husband has died. Replaced by her doppelganger, she struggles to rebuild the machine and reopen the gateway between worlds to regain the life that should be hers.

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Country: USA | Language: English, Russian, Spanish | 2015 | Runtime: 8 min
Director: Matthew Peterson | Producer: Matthew Peterson
Screenwriter: Matthew Peterson | Cinematographer: Matthew Peterson
Editor: Matthew Peterson
Principle Cast: Ioulia Peterson, Matthew Peterson, Bryan Piras

A young American surveillance agent finds herself in a crisis of conscience.

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County State USA: Sweet Corn
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 23 min
Director: Jonathan Nowak | Producer(s): Jonathan Nowak, Steve DeVore
Screenwriter: Chad Gilman | Cinematographer: Todd Somodevilla
Editor: Stewart Reeves
Principle Cast: Mikandrew Perdaris, Lyle Kanouse

After robbing the town bank and having his quick-change plans fall apart, a local teen carjacks a hapless farmer selling sweet corn on the side of the road. As they attempt to get out of dodge the farmer decides to help the teen escape and stick it to the very bank that is foreclosing on his property.

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