Shorts 5: Experimental



St. Anthony Main Theatre 4 Wed, Apr 15, 2015 7:05 PM
Film Info
English Title:Shorts 5: Experimental
Program:Shorts Programs
Filmmaker/Guest Attending
MN Made
Voice Category:Film on the Fringe
Type:Short Documentary
Short Narrative


Cherry Blossoms
Country: USA | 2015 | Runtime: 3 min
Director: Philip Harder | Cinematographer: Philip Harder

Cherry blossoms from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Spring 2014.

Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 16 min
Director: M. Thomsen | Producer: M. Thomsen
Screenwriter: M. Thomsen | Cinematographer: M. Thomsen
Editor(s): M. Thomsen (editor), Jason P. Schumacher (technical editor)

Cento is a layered, metamorphic exploration of art and life, revolving around the assemblage sculpture work of artist M. Thomsen.

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The Voyage of the Soul - Not Life Alone
Country: USA | 2015 | Runtime: 6 min
Director: Marie Ketring | Composer: Michael Legan

An experimental short film documenting the exhilaration and fear experienced while walking on thin ice.

Country: USA | 2013 | Runtime: 5 min
Director: Nicole Brending | Producer: Nicole Brending
Cinematographer: Nicole Brending | Editor: Nicole Brending
Principle Cast: Nicole Brending

Shot on analog video and without the aid of digital filters, Nudes is a sensual audio-visual experience of abstracted figures in slow motion. At once enticing and repellent, unfolding in a strained yet hypnotic gesture, the female figures elicit both the siren's call and the monotony of fantasy. Though they seem to beckon, one can never see their true details, their movements in a painful loop of heightened seduction without climax. The accompanying score by Alexander Sigman.

Country: Canada | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 17 min
Director: Ryan McKenna | Producer: Becca Blackwood
Screenwriter: Ryan McKenna | Cinematographer: Ryan McKenna
Editor: Ryan McKenna | Principle Cast: Louis Negin

In the 1980s, the popular Action Line talk show was a colourful record of Winnipeg caller reactions to hot-button issues of the day. Using archival audio as a formal foundation (with host Peter Warren’s voice removed), McKenna carefully composes monochromatic portraits of Winnipeggers as stark silent listeners, while voices from the past illuminate how much and little has changed in Canada’s gateway to the West.

The Photoplay Situation in America, 1915
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 32 min
Director: Tom Schroeder | Producer: Tom Schroeder
Screenwriter: Vachel Lindsay | Editor: Tom Schroeder

Excerpts from Vachel Lindsey's "Art of the Moving Picture" are organized as a narrative over the music of Waschering Maschine.