Shorts 8: Heavy Levity

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St. Anthony Main Theatre 5 Sat, Apr 18, 2015 5:00 PM
Northrop Best Buy Theater Sat, Apr 25, 2015 8:00 PM
Film Info
English Title:Shorts 8: Heavy Levity
Program:Shorts Programs
Dark Comedy
Comedy Drama
MN Made
Filmmaker/Guest Attending
Voice Category:Laugh out Loud
Type:Short Narrative


Country: USA | Language: English | 2015 | Runtime: 15 min
Director: Michael Forstein
Producer(s): Towle Neu, Michael Forstein, Kevin Byrnes (Executive Producer)
Screenwriter: Colin Keith Thomsen | Cinematographer: Andre Durand
Editor(s): T.J. Misny, Michael Forstein
Principle Cast: Caleb Carlson, John Cromwell, Pearce Bunting, Sari Lennick, Joanna Harmon

Desperate for work, Darren agrees to a one day trial as a door-to-door meat salesman.

Greco Roman
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 5 min
Director: Theo Sena | Producer(s): Sam Osterhout, Craig Zobel
Screenwriter: Theo Sena | Cinematographer: David Park
Principle Cast: Steve Siddell, Sam Osterhout

Two old friends take an awkward walk into their past.

Country: Israel | Language: Hebrew | 2014 | Runtime: 17 min
Director: Oren Gerner | Producer(s): Lital Maizel and Yoav Birenfeld
Screenwriter: Oren Gerner | Cinematographer: Adi Mozes
Editor: Oren Gerner
Principle Cast: Oren Gerner, Meir Gerner, Maya Gerner

Exploring the boundaries between documentary and fiction, this film follows an everyday family and the charged process of leaving home and parents.

Flat Chested
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 23 min
Director: Kristyn Jo Benedyk | Screenwriter: Kristyn Jo Benedyk
Cinematographer: Pete Biagi | Editor: Katie Avery
Principle Cast: Alicia Witt, Luke Perry, Rebekah Ward

Amanda, after testing positive for the BRCA gene mutation, has a specific plan to say goodbye to her breasts the weekend before her preventative double mastectomy, but her sister comes to town with a list of her own ideas for the weekend.

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Pet Therapy
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 7 min
Director: Catherine Orchard | Producer(s): Erika Thormahlen, Catherine Orchard
Screenwriter(s): Erika Thormahlen, Catherine Orchard
Cinematographer: Peter Steusloff | Editor: Connor Hurley
Principle Cast: Erika Thormahlen, Enzo Steinweiss, Molly Austin

An earnest young woman struggles to find her creative voice in New York City and turns to her faithful dog—and a cast of opinionated animals–to find both herself and the courage to be confident in life and her art.

A Doctor and a Security Guard in Love
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 10 min
Director: Lyle Corbine Jr. | Producer: Lyle Corbine Jr.
Screenwriter: Lyle Corbine Jr. | Cinematographer: Jon Dahlin
Editor: Lyle Corbine Jr.

A Doctor and a Security Guard in Love shows a day in the life of a young American couple struggling to find time for each other during an economic struggle.

Sea Beach Local
Country: USA | Language: English | 2014 | Runtime: 15 min
Director: Dean Peterson | Screenwriter: Dean Peterson
Cinematographer: Dean Peterson | Editor: Dean Peterson
Principle Cast: Tallie Medel, John Early, Jessica Frey, Nancy Sun, Chris Nester

A young woman from Ohio comes to New York City for the first time to pick up the ashes of her long lost father. When she gets waylaid for 24 hours she's left to wander around the city with his urn trying to make a connection with the man she never met.