PANEL: We Need a Music Video!



McNally Smith College of Music Sat, Apr 11, 2015 4:00 PM
Film Info
Program:Panel Discussions


Presented by the Minnesota Music Coalition

The music industry today relies heavily on music videos for the marketing and promotion of new songs, and the introducation of new artists. The creation of a strong and effective music video is a challenging undertaking, and one that many try and many fail to accomplish. This panel of professional filmmmakers will discuss the principles of what makes for a successful video, both artistically and financially.

Following the panel, head to Amsterdam Bar & Hall for a special screening of Minnesota Music videos and live performances.

The panel "We Need A Music Video" came together with the effort and leadership of Dan Huiting who curated the selection of some of best Music Directors and will moderate the discussion at McNally Smith College of Music.

The panel includes:

  • Dan Huiting: Curator and Moderator
  • Maria Juranic
  • Trent Waterman
  • Braden Lee