MUFF: MN Made Shorts 1


The Main 3 Wed, Oct 7, 2015 3:00 PM
Film Info
English Title:MUFF: MN Made Shorts 1
Program:Minneapolis Underground Film Festival
Hosted Events
Runtime:88 min


A selection of MN Made short films, followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.

The Clingy Hitman
Director/Writer/Producer: Dakota Laden
2015 | MN Made | 7 Min | MN Premiere
The hit-man working for mob boss DONNNIE MARCELLO is a little too clingy in their relationship... Being clingy is never a good idea...

A Fistful of Donuts
Director: Sean Skinner | DP: Joe Berglove | Editors: Errol Allmacher & Joe Berglove
2015 | MN Made | 7 min
The new sheriff in town has made some cuts, and the Town’s fold are none too pleased.

It's Him
Director/Writer/Producer: Dakota Laden
2015 | MN Made | 2 min | MN Premiere
Two friends are Hero's in their own minds.

A Walk
Director: Adam Dargan
2015 | MN Made | 5 min | MN Premiere
Exploring color, shape, and texture through the mixture of physical and digital mediums.

The Invisible Girl
Director/Writer: Daniel Rangel
2014 | MN Made | 4 min | World Premiere
A man is haunted by an apparition in the form of a young girl.

Make It A Pear
Director/Animator: Dane Cree
2015 | MN Made | 2 min | MN Premiere
This animation could be seen as an animated portrait/s. It documents moments in time beginning at 8:36pm on 12-12-2014 and ending at 2:44pm on 03-21-2015.

As A Child
Director/Writer: Carsten Johnson
2015 | MN Made | 4 min | MN Premiere
When most of us grow old, we often find that we loose our drive to achieve something bigger. We get caught up in the daily routines we make, and we forget that we once had dreams as children.

Director: David Mair | Writers/Producers: Adam Overland & David Mair
2015 | MN Made | 9 min | MN Premiere
An under-appreciated driving professional must push his skills to the limit in order to earn the respect of the neighborhood kids.

Raising Lebowski
Director/Producer: Bradley Kosel | Writers: Bradley Kosel & Justin Herrick
2015 | MN Made | 13 min | MN Premiere
Four friends have a philosophical debate over the 5 best Coen Brother Films of all time. Regardless of genre. Ice fishing can wait.

Putting The Ribbon Back On
Director: Richard Louprasong
2015 | MN Made | 20 min | MN Premiere
An unlikely victim of HIV finds her greatest gift when she builds a camp for families affected by the disease.

Shattered Vessel
Director: Kyle Ensrude | Writers: Kyle Ensrude & Alexander Bauer | Producers: Daniel Cody Gunderson & Kyle Ensrude
2014 | MN Made | 15 min | MN Premiere
A broken-hearted man searches for solace with his new-found Goldfish companion by his side.