MUFF: MN Made Shorts 3


The Main 3 Wed, Oct 7, 2015 7:15 PM
Film Info
English Title:MUFF: MN Made Shorts 3
Program:Minneapolis Underground Film Festival
Hosted Events
Runtime:90 min


A selection of MN Made short films, followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.

Out of Zen
Director: Brian Michael
2015 | MN Made | 8 Min
A desperate cop tries to end the corruption of his city while looking for his kidnapped wife using his only clue. Zen.

Picture Day
Director: Conner Evert
2015 | MN Made | 6 Min | MN Premiere
It's the morning before Kari's school pictures and her alcoholic mother might not let her leave the house because of what she is wearing.

Playing With Dolls
Director/Writer/Producer: Cristi Rumpza | Writer: Derek Henkels
2015 | MN Made | 7 min
A mother pressures her young son to get his shit together.

My Favorite Holiday
Director: Josh Mruz & Anthony Cousins
2012 | MN Made | 8 Min
An enthusiastic home owner celebrates Halloween by decorating the outside of his house and making his own special candy. He interacts with different trick or treaters in his own eccentric way.

Director: Michael Forstein
2015 | MN | 15 Min
Desperate for work, Darren takes a job selling frozen meat door to door. Partnered on day one with abrasive veteran Pete, Darren quickly starts to realize he's not cut out for the job, until he comes up with an idea that may salvage his day, but spell trouble for his future.

Director/Writer/Producer: John TerEick
2015 | MN | 10 min | MN Premiere
A young man fights to maintain his emotional well-being as he struggles with Tourette's Syndrome.

The Mountain
Director/Writer: Pablo Jones
2015 | MN Made | 16 min | MN Premiere
Two actors inhabit a scripted relationship in which they meet, fall in love, experience intimacy, confusion and conflict, then part ways.

Director: Eric D. Howell
2014 | MN Made | 20 min
Strangers is a novella film of intrigue about two broken characters who awkwardly meet at a crossroad. One of them secretly faces a choice between atonement or demise while touching on the possibility of love.