MUFF: Relationship Remix Shorts


The Main 3 Fri, Oct 9, 2015 6:00 PM
Film Info
English Title:MUFF: Relationship Remix Shorts
Program:Minneapolis Underground Film Festival
Hosted Events
Runtime:90 min


A selection of shorts that deal with various relationships along with MN Made films about love and loss, followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.

Last Words
Director/Writer: Raeshelle Cooke
2015 | USA | 3 min | MN Premiere
A woman decorates a box for therapy in order to cope from a nasty break-up.

Bus Stop Waltz
Director: Shane Meuwissen
2015 | MN Made | 4 min | MN Premiere
A short film that explores a couple adventurous daydream of ballroom dancing throughout the city of Minneapolis.

Director: Christopher McKee | Writer: Kenneth Martell
2015 | USA | 11 min | MN Premiere
A dark comedy about a romantic encounter in the not-so-normal life of a girl named Sandra. The film explores the themes of young love, parental guidance, obsession, and pleasure.

Clean Woman
Director/Writer: Sherese Robinson Lee
2015 | USA | 9 min | MN Premiere
A story about a Black house cleaner and a Chinese hip-hop producer who fall in love--through her kid.

The Little Things
Director/Writer/Producer: Diana Fraser
2014 | MN Made | 7 min | MN Premiere
Girl meets Boy, breaks up with Boy, and finds Boy again, but is it a happy-ever-after?

Dog Days
Director/Writer: George Taylor
2014 | United Kingdom | 12 min | World Premiere
On the hottest night of the year, two people from very different Londons meet - and go for a midnight swim.

Between Friends
Director/Writer: John Scott
2015 | MN Made | 12 min | MN Premiere
Constantly harassed by their landlord, two elderly women plan their revenge.

Director/Writer: Amber Patton | Producers: Amber Patton & Abram Milton
2015 | MN | 7 min | MN Premiere
A young man goes to visit the family of his partner who was killed in action to find whatever closure he can.

August By The Lake
Director/Writer/Producer: John TerEick
2014 | MN Made | 8 min | MN Premiere
A young couple involved in an end-of-summer romance confront the difficulties of bad timing.

Dad In Mum
Director/Writer/Editor/Producer: Fabrice Bracq
2014 | France | 6 min | MN Premiere
The middle of the night, two young sisters are asking questions because moans are heard behind the parents' door.

Mammary Gland Malfunction
Director/Writer: Robyn Laliberte
2015 | Canada | 11 min | MN Premiere
Mammary Gland Malfunction follows the journey of Corey, a teenage girl with a very “grown-up” problem. As if everyday high school drama was not stressful enough, now her boobs are lactating, and the cause of the phenomenon is proving difficult too determine.