MUFF: MN Connection Shorts


The Main 3 Sat, Oct 10, 2015 7:00 PM
Film Info
English Title:MUFF: MN Connection Shorts
Program:Minneapolis Underground Film Festival
Hosted Events
Runtime:105 min


A selection of short films from filmmakers that once lived in MN, followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.

Victory Dance
Director: Max Moore
2015 | USA | 15 min | MN Premiere
Victory Dance examines the life of Randy Miller, a 56-year-old undergraduate student at the University of Iowa who has attended more Hawkeye Athletic events than anybody has in recent years. The documentary questions what it means to be a sports fan and investigates how we handle our unfair hardships.

The Tao of Bobo
Director/Writer: Daniel Appleby
2014 | MN/CA | 3 min | American Premiere
First there was the Tao Te Ching. Countless translations followed, as did books that were inspired by the wisdom contained within it. Sixteen centuries later, "The Tao of Pooh" became one of those books. The Tao of Bobo picks up where Pooh left off...employing doggerel to introduce Bobo's take on the Human/Animal Condition.

Director/Writer/Editor: Nathan Hoffman
2015 | MN Made | 8 min | MN Premiere
Lucy gives her eight-year-old daughter Dani a toy telephone made from two tin cans and a string. However, when they move into a new house and Dani goes missing, a much more sinister voice begins to echo out of the telephone.

Director/Writer: Masaki Katsuyama
2015 | MN Made | 21 min | MN Premiere
Nobody forgets their loved ones. This is a story about love connection in an estranged family.

Director: Jens Josephs
2015 | MN Made | 15 min | World Premiere
Blonde, a film about a brunette written by a redhead.

Author of Adapted Material/Co-Writer/Producer: Max Pratt | Director: Audrey Davis
2015 | USA | 4 min | Midwest Premiere
A light-hearted, slice-of-life comedy following the young duo, Jeff and Bailey. Lost in translation, the couple finds themselves succumbed to life’s routines, falling into the mundane. With the newlywed spark vanished, Jeff and Bailey find refuge in their neighbors, Marge and Norm. Amidst the unexpected help of the neighboring pair – secrets are surfaced, needs are met, and an early lunch is served.

Director: Joe Mackedanz | Writers: Joe Mackedanz & Holden Barnes
2015 | USA | 20 min | MN Premiere
On the day he is to film his first comedy special, comedian George Harmon finds out that his ex-wife may be pregnant with his child.

Kimi Kabuki
Director/Writer: Yoko Okumura | Producer: Laura Noxon
2014 | USA | 19 min | Midwest Premiere
Madeline, a devoted housewife discovers her husband is attending an Adult Industry Expo behind her back. Resolving to confront him about his deceit, she follows him to the convention.