Shorts Award Winners

  • Madam Black
  • Mothers For Justice
  • Once Upon a Kingdom


The Main 3 Wed, Apr 27, 2016 9:15 PM
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General Public:$13.00
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Festival Programs:- Best of Fest
Runtime:90 min


Once Upon a Kingdom: Settled on the edge of the St. Lawrence river in Quebec City, a century old building protects the fragile existence of 82 Catholic nuns who have decided that moving would be in the best interest of their congregation.
Director(s): Terence Chotard, Raphael J. Dostie | Runtime: 19 min | Country: USA
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Mothers for Justice: After her black, unarmed, schizophrenic son, Dontre, is shot 14 times and killed by Milwaukee Police, Maria Hamilton attempts to rally grieving mothers to join her in a Million Moms March on Washington D.C.
Director(s): Erik Ljung | Runtime: 16 min | Country: USA
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STARMAN: Wyatt Star is a down and out motorcycle rider trying to do his big comeback. A death defying jump over a football field.
Director(s): Josema Roig | Runtime: 19 min | Country: USA
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Madam Black: When a glamour photographer runs over a child's pet, he's forced to fabricate a story about its disappearance.
Director(s): Ivan Barge | Runtime: 11 min | Country: New Zealand
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YOUTH: Wasted on the young? A sci-fi film about growing old in a world of perpetual youth.
Director(s): Brett Marty | Runtime: 30 min | Country: USA
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Mothers For Justice (16min) More
STARMAN (19min) More
Madam Black (11min) More
YOUTH (30min) More