COLLIDING DREAMS Director Oren Rudavsky in person!


Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 2 Tue, May 24, 2016 7:30 PM



COLLIDING DREAMS Director Oren Rudavsky in person!
Tuesday, May 24 at 7:30 pm | $10 Members | $15 Public
Includes Director Q&A and Reception

Recounting the dramatic history of one of the most controversial, and urgently relevant political ideologies of the modern era, Colliding Dreams takes a nuanced and multi-perspective look at how Zionism has evolved by allowing all sides to talk passionately, freely and honestly.

The century-old conflict in the Middle East continues to play a central role in world politics. And yet, amidst this fierce, oftenlethal controversy, the Zionist idea of a homeland for Jews in the land of ancient Israel remains little understood and its meanings often distorted. Colliding Dreams addresses that void with a gripping exploration of Zionism’s meaning, history and future. Told through the remarkable lives and voices of Jews and Palestinians living in the Middle East today, Colliding Dreams weaves together past and present, ideas and passions, wars and peace talks, brilliant minds with the voices of ordinary citizens to develop a film portrait of unprecedented depth and sensitivity. (USA/Israel/Palestine, 2015, 134 min., In English, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles, DCP | Dir. Joseph Dorman and Oren Rudavsky)