Harold Lloyd in FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE

Anything But Silent Live Piano Accompaniment by Andrew Simpson
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Anything But Silent
Live Piano Accompaniment by Andrew Simpson

Harold Lloyd in FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE
Wednesday, July 27 at 7:30 pm
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This hilarious gag-filled comedy is one of legendary comedian Harold Lloyd’s funniest movies

In For Heaven’s Sake, legendary comedian Harold Lloyd is a spoiled, rich young man who falls in love with Hope, a poor missionary’s daughter. He rather reluctantly helps her out by populating the mission with local low-lifes who chase him through the streets into the mission, where they hide out from the cops. He is so successful in helping the mission and rehabilitating the local thugs, that he plans to marry Hope. Harold’s wealthy chums, dismayed that he is marrying beneath his station, kidnap the poor fellow to prevent him from making a “mistake.” The climactic chase on a double-decker bus driven by drunks is as hilarious and exciting a piece of celluloid as has ever been produced, but it is merely the capper to an uninterrupted stream of brilliant sight gags. For Heaven’s Sake is one of the cleverest and most consistently entertaining of all of Lloyd’s silent comedies. (USA, 1926, 61 mins., 35mm print courtesy of Harold Lloyd Entertainment | Dir. Sam Taylor)

Andrew Simpson is Resident Film Accompanist for the National Gallery of Art and regularly featured accompanist for the Library of Congress. He has performed original film scores at the Kennedy Center, AFI Silver Theater, New York Public Library at Lincoln Center, the Giornate del Cinema Muto, and many other venues. A composer, pianist, and organist, Simpson is professor and head of the division of Theory and Composition at the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music of  The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.